Ka-Pop from Shark Tank

Ka-Pop shark tank

The snacks and chips industry in the US is huge. People of all ages love to munch on crisps and treat their tastebuds to crispy snacks. Dustin Finkel, the CEO and creator of Ka-Pop, is no different. However, the only thing that pushed him to come up with the idea of Ka-Pop was that he couldn’t find healthy late-night snacks. Being a cross-fit instructor, he wanted a healthy option that he could keep in his pantry to satisfy his late-night cravings.

Finkel started experimenting in the kitchen, leading him to make snacks with sorghum grains. First, he tried making chips with them. The first batch didn’t turn out well. However, he didn’t give up. After many trials, his son approved the taste of the chips. From there, he never looked back. Finkel successfully launched Ka-Pop. The chips were found as non-GMO healthy whole grain snacks.

He started his venture in 2017, but 2019 was the year he got his breakthrough. That year, he was selected for the incubator program. He experienced unmatched growth, and his brand grew by nearly 238 percent. It was huge. Ka-Pop is now available at multiple stores across the US and online too.

As soon as his business grew, Finkel looked for more investments to expand his operations. He then decided to take his venture to the hit reality show Shark Tank. Finkel wanted an investment of $350,000 for five percent equity in his brand.

The Sharks instantly fell in love with Finkel’s idea, marketing skills, and the delectable taste of his crunchy chips. However, the only reservation that the Sharks had about Ka-Pop was immense competition. The snack industry is already competitive, and they thought Ka-Pop wouldn’t be able to compete with industry giants. Therefore, no shark was willing to invest except for Kevin O’Leary.

Kevin thought the product had great potential to create a niche. Therefore, he was ready to invest but for 17.5 percent equity. However, Finkel didn’t accept this offer.

Our Review of Ka-Pop

After trying all flavors of Ka-Pop, we believe the product is super healthy and great tasting. The product’s highlight is its main ingredient, Sorghum, a traditional whole grain. The Sorghum used to make Ka-Pop snacks has never been modified. Therefore, its sheer rawness and purity make Ka-Pop superior in taste and highly nutritious.

Ka-Pop chips are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and numerous antioxidants. As these chips are incredibly nutritious, consumers can munch on them anytime. It’s a guilt-free pleasure and a perfect choice for your midnight snack.

As for seasoning, we think the manufacturers have kept it just right. It is crispy, light, and flavorsome. One pack of Ka-Pop has only 110 calories, making it a better alternative to unhealthy snacks that people often eat to satisfy their untimely cravings. So, if you want something healthy, crunchy, and light with fewer calories, Ka-Pop is your best bet.

Pros of Ka-Pop

Here are the pros of opting for Ka-pop as your go-to snack instead of the other unhealthy options available in the market.

Low in Calories

If you are on your weight loss journey, it may get difficult for you now and then to keep your hands on unhealthy snacks. You may often eat unhealthy delights and potato crisps to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs. For such situations, Ka-Pop offers a healthy option that you can stock in your pantry and reach out for when you want something tasty that’s also has fewer calories.

No Dietary Allergens

This product is carefully prepared with zero dietary allergens. It doesn’t contain ingredients like soy, corn, peanuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, sesame, and wheat. So, this product is suitable for everyone with known or unknown food allergies. Hence, you never have to worry about having an allergic reaction after you treat yourself with a pack of Ka-Pop. Moreover, it is also gluten-free. It is a vegan, non-GMO, and whole grain snack in four flavors.

Top Quality

Another highlight of this product is that it is 100 percent USA grown. Rest assured, you can be confident about its quality.

Cons of Ka-Pop

Well, some people may not instantly like the flavor or seasoning of this product. However, if you try all flavors of Ka-Pop, we are sure you will begin to appreciate the goodness in these chips and enjoy them thoroughly.

Who Is Ka-Pop For?

Ka-Pop is for everyone. However, it is the best snack option for all those who want to switch to healthy dietary habits and minimize their intake of unhealthy snacks. It’s gluten-free and highly nutritious. Moreover, it is also a good choice for people on a calorie-restricted diet.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Though many snacks are sold under the label of a healthy snack, we think there is still no better alternative available that could beat Ka-Pop. Firstly, Ka-Pop is made of sorghum grains. No product features sorghum grain as its star ingredient.

Also, this product’s flavor is not bland like other healthy snack items. The company has seasoned it beautifully with the right balance of flavors so that you can eat healthy without compromising on taste.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that the Sharks missed out on a great investment opportunity. Currently, no product in the market can give Ka-Pop a run for the money. The brand has created its niche and a solid customer base in the healthy snack market.

The brand has been featured in VegOut, Forbes, and Red Tricycle. It is doing exceptionally well, evident from its introduction of a wide range of flavors, including Red and Green Sriracha, Dairy-free sour cream and onion, BBQ, and dairy-free cheddar.

Another company update is that they merged with Bubba’s Fine Foods to establish Awakened Foods company. This company will be the launchpad for startups specializing in ancient grain food items. Overall, Ka-Pop generates sales of approximately $250,000 yearly and is expected to break new sales records after its partnership with Bubba’s Fine Foods.