Joyce’s LuLu Bang from Shark Tank

Joyce's LuLu Bang shark tank

In episode 5 of Shark Tank Season 8, Jorrae, Kelly, and Ashley Beard presented their range of barbecue sauces studded with a litany of double entendre. The trio used their product’s unique name well and didn’t skip any chance of wordplay. The sharks, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Mark Cuban, couldn’t help but be amused at their cheekiness.

Contrary to their lively presentation, Joyce’s LuLu Bang represented familial intimacy and nostalgia for the Beard trio. Named after Kelly and Jorrae’s mother, Joyce, and their brother, LuLu Bang, the sauces replicated their mother’s signature flavors with a hint of innovation. Jorrae decided to introduce the world to these flavors at a social gathering centered around culinary ideas.

What is Joyce’s LuLu Bang?

Joyce’s LuLu Bang is a range of barbecue sauces consisting of four flavors: Joyce’s Original Lulu Bang B.B.Q., Bourbon Marinade, It’s Just Hot, and Asian Persuasion. The range falls under the category of barbecue sauces, but its recipe by design enhances the flavors of almost everything edible. Be it the crispy tempura, tender fish fillets, leftover rice or pasta – or even one made from scratch – Joyce’s LuLu Bang adds the extra zing of the flavors to all kinds of cuisine.

In October 2016, Jorrae, Kelly, and Ashley flew in from their hometown, Philadelphia, to pitch a deal on Shark Tank season 8. The sisters, Jorrae and Kelly, owners of the brand, were looking for a $150,000 investment in exchange for 15% equity. Right off the bat, the sisters proclaimed that they wanted to start their mornings and finish their days with a “bang.” Their suggestive wordplay prompted coy smiles and raised eyebrows from the Sharks. Throughout the presentation, Jorrae and Kelly sneaked in as many “banging” references in their speech as they could, and the Sharks leaned into their playfulness without reservations.

Soon after their gripping introduction, the trio handed out samples of their sauces which the Sharks accepted readily. As the Sharks dug in, the Beard sisters eagerly awaited their response. It wasn’t long before the room was filled with nods of approval and moans of pleasure. The Beard trio continued with their zealous presentation with renowned confidence but what came next shook their faith in an otherwise assumed victory.

Kevin O’Leary landed the first blow when he questioned the product’s $45,000 sales in three months despite being on the shelves of 170 Walmart stores. The rest of the Sharks shared Kevin’s sentiments over the sales and looked unimpressed with the numbers. Kevin further pointed out the pains of introducing a saturated product in a competitive market. He was brutal in his evaluation and didn’t think the sauce would even sell online, considering its weight. Citing that the product would at least need $150,000 sales to go against the bigwigs, Kevin stepped away from the deal.

Daymond John recounted the deal he made with a similar venture in the past seasons and told the Beard sisters that he knows the challenges of marketing sauces and everything that can go wrong while doing so. He announced that he didn’t want to go through the grind again and took himself out of the equation.

Jorrae and Kelly turned towards Robert Herjavec but found him confused with their branding and packaging. He thought their range looked less like barbecue sauces and more like Asian sauces. He also thought their venture was just starting out, and it would be too soon for him to get on board even if he wanted to.

Lori Greiner congratulated the women for their courage but didn’t close the deal. She reasoned that she wanted to invest in something unique, and a barbecue sauce was far from it. Mark Cuban took some time to contemplate their offer but ended up dismissing it because of insufficient sales. He wanted to invest in businesses that could rake up from $10 to $50 million in sales.

Despite the crushing defeat, Jorrae, Kelly, and Ashley left the pedestal with their heads held high and wide smiles.

Our Review of Joyce’s LuLu Bang

We found Joyce’s LuLu Bang delivering what it promised: an exceptional taste without limitations. These sauces paired with most foods yielded delectable combinations garnering little scrutiny, like the infamous combination of pineapple on pizza. Despite being told that the sauce would not survive the competition, it did. As of 2022, Joyce’s LuLu Bang is on the shelves of Walmart stores across nine states. Their ShopRite stores, along with their website, are also in business in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We think that the Sharks were quick to dismiss the products on the basis of sales. Selling $45,000 worth of products in three months without marketing and a brand name was good enough, but the Sharks didn’t ride the tide in fear of competition.

Pros of Joyce’s LuLu Bang

  • Impeccable taste
  • A variety of flavors
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable bundles

Cons of Joyce’s LuLu Bang

  • Confusing design
  • Heavyin weight

Who is Joyce’s LuLu Bang for?

Joyce’s LuLu Bang is for everyone who loves flavors in their food and wouldn’t mind some tasteful adventures. If you are bored of the same old sauces on your dining table, Joyce’s LuLu Bang is perfect for adding some colors to the dull mix.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The sharks weren’t wrong about the competition in the market. Even the brands that don’t specialize in sauces have launched their own range  along with their main products. We have Stevia Sweet B.B.Q. Barbecue Sauce and GrandMom Jackie’s Yummy Sensations in Philadelphia alone to compete against!

Our Final Thoughts

By expanding their business outside of their hometown after Shark Tank, Kelly, Jorrae, and Ashley have proved that their range has the potential to play in the big league. Their journey was slow and laboriousat first, but by surviving the initial grind and COVID-19 hit, the women of the Beard family have proved their mettle. Considering their achievement as an award-winning catering company with their own barbecue range, one can only wonder the heights they would have reached with a Shark on their team!