InvisiPlug from Shark Tank

InvisiPlug shark tank

These days, we use extension cords for electrical devices that are hidden away under sophisticated oak desks or in plain sight of the closest wall socket.

Ironically, most people would concur that these stark white power strips look horrible and seem to have been engineered to draw attention in an uninviting way.

The founders of Invisiplug, Michael Barzman and Bryan O’Connell, made the deliberate choice to produce an elegant power strip that would blend in with the wood accents found in the baseboards and furnishings. It is a power strip that matches the surroundings rather than the blinding white ones that millions of people have used for decades.

InvisiPlug is a surge regulator designed to fit into hardwood flooring. InvisiPlug, unlike other conventional power strips, comes in three colors: natural, medium cherry, and dark wood, and is available in sizes deluxe and basic.

Bryan and Michael created the InvisiPlug to provide consumers with “slicker design choices” than the typical white surge protectors and power strips that are common.

The plastic, rustic wooden appearance is said to fuse seamlessly with wooden flooring and costs almost the same as standard power strips. They own a design patent for the wood grain texture.

Bryan and Micheal entered the Shark Tank with a bid of $125,000 in exchange for 10% shares in the company.

The owners of Invisplug claimed that within two months, they had already sold approximately 1,500 pieces. “They should be more “high end,” Mark reasoned, and he left. Robert disliked the appearance and left. Kevin slammed them on their valuation and disparaged the pitch before quitting. Barbara liked the idea but not the price, so she went off as well.

Lori posed a few questions, and the lads disclosed that they would be featured in Oprah’s O Magazine.

They came to an agreement with Lori for $125,000 for 10% of the business, with a $1 per capita commission till she made a profit of her contribution, plus 25 cents per piece forever.

After their debut on the Shark Tank, Invisiplug earned quite a name and had a whopping sales within a few months.

InvisiPlug made tremendous sales and became one of Lori’s Big Names! The products have been found at Staples, Target, and Amazon.

Unfortunately, in July 2016, Michael Barzman was detained by Burbank, California, police on charges of felonious assault with a handgun after it was claimed that he pulled a revolver on a guy who was smoking outside his residence.

According to his counsel, Barzman held an empty gun and never pointed it at the man. The case is still ongoing after Barzman posted $50,000 bail. He entered a not guilty plea while he was being charged. November 2016 saw the dismissal of the lawsuit.

The company shut down in December of 2017.

Barzman was taken into custody once more in January 2020 for armed assault. Even though he admitted guilt, the case was dropped. By August 2021, O’Connell avoids the public eye while Barzman operates an auction company.

Our Review of InvisiPlug

Your hardwood flooring appearance integrates seamlessly with the InvisiPlug. Don’t let your floors become cluttered when you may have a sleek appearance with InvisiPlug!

Power strips with a hardwood finish like InvisiPlugs will mix well with your laminate floors. It safely transforms one outlet into six surge-protected sockets. It is a surge protector with 450 joules and a circuit breaker of 15 amps. For ease of use, a 3-foot grounded wire has a master push button and can also be mounted on a wall.

Because of Lori’s assistance and experience, the standard InvisiPlug and the upgraded version with a USB port are selling incredibly well.

Pros of InvisiPlug

  • It comes with a built-in surge protector.
  • It saves your home and workspace with cluttered unpleasant white power strips.
  • It comes in three colors to match hardwood floors: natural, medium cherry, and dark wood.
  • Available in two sizes, standard and deluxe.

Cons of InvisiPlug

  • Some users have complained that the 3-foot cord is not long enough.
  • The plug outlets are difficult to get the plug through, and for multiple uses, six may not be enough for the basic variant.
  • Some users have complaints about the quality of plastic and plug outlets.

Who is InvisiPlug For?

InvisiPlug is a power strip and surge protector designed to replace the conventional power strips that look unappealing around the house or workspaces. The hardwood texture camouflages with the flooring and gives a seamless look.

Its built-in surge protector pacifies the fluctuation in voltage and protects your appliances from an unexpected short circuit.

InvisiPlug gives users a cleaner design option at the same price as bright, unpleasantly white power strips.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There is no alternate or competitor for InvisiPlug on the market.

Our Final Thought

The idea for InvisiPlug was developed by businessmen Michael Barzman and Bryan O’Connell when they noticed how unattractive standard power adapters looked in people’s homes. After considerable thought, the two concluded that they could devise a plan to make a practically identical item fit into any given decor.

Thus, InvisiPlug was made. Now consumers have the option of using InvisiPlug. This power strip blends in with the tones of the flooring, baseboards, walls, or furniture, rather than the conspicuous white power strips jutting out and attracting unwelcome attention.

The business could have flourished up to 10-folds having Lori’s back. However, the misfortune of the co-founders led the company to bankruptcy.

We’re sure the loyal customers would be missing this one-of-a-kind creation.