iFork from Shark Tank

iFork shark tank

Hygiene is something that is important to most people. Especially when it comes to our eating habits, it is something that everybody likes practicing, preaching, and observing other people follow too. After all, eating is one of the primary socializing aspects of the human condition.

Therefore, naturally, there was no way that a product like iFork would not have done well when it was designed to target the fundamental nuances of hygiene that we expect. In its essence, iFork is a specially curated utensil collection. The idea is to have germ-free eating utensils while making them easy to use and incorporate into everyday life

With Kyle Donavan behind the idea, iFork are utensils that will not come in contact with the surface to increase the risk of contamination when you eat with them. It is an intellectual project of Kyle Donovan.

Kyle is already the brains behind the successful magazine venture called NV Magazine. However, with iFork in the pipeline, he could get his passion for hygiene across and work on something he truly loves.

So in 2014, he went ahead with a soft launch for iFork. Alas, he was limited by his knowledge of manual labor and plastic molding – both of which were integral to running this business. Hence, he couldn’t attain the objective he had in mind. You would think this would have stopped Kyle mid-track, but he continued and came with his proud presentation of iFork in 2015. Soon enough, he expanded the product line with iPlate and iCup.

As the names suggest, iPlate and iCup was the hygiene equivalent to iFork, but plates and cups were used with the fork. So a few months down the line, consumers were all over the product line. They were highly impressed with the design innovation and hygiene promises it was keeping. However, deep down, Kyle knew that in order to expand this business into a possibly global fraternity, he had to show up at Shark Tank and garner some investments to proceed further.

And so in the 9th Season, Kyle Donovan, an entrepreneur of Shark Tank history, confidently appeared with a successfully running business of the past. He made his pitch for $100,000 in exchange for a mere 5% stake in his company that he had rightfully named iFork. His confidence had blown away the Sharks almost immediately, and they were visibly intrigued by the products that Kyle was holding.

So it really wasn’t a shocker that when the judges were already drawn to the products and the man with the brains behind the product, Kyle took little to no negotiation to have Barbara on board. However, she is also a businesswoman and didn’t budge until her desired 15% was promised. She was adamant that Kyle could use her ideas on manual labor, given the company is still young, so she deserved the 15%.

Fast-forward to the present day, and iFork is doing as well as it could do for Kyle. It is one of the most unique and innovative types of flatware you will see on the market. You can easily buy them on the official website or from Amazon and reuse and recycle them as per your liking. According to their website, the customers can now enjoy a new way of eating while being assured of protection against contamination. No wonder people love iFork.

Our Review of iFork

iFork Plastic Flatware – As Seen on Shark Tank

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on iFork from Amazon. It comes in a combination box that houses a complete set for one person.

The eight-piece cutlery is very economically priced, considering you get a spoon, fork, knife, cup, and plate. The design innovation of the interlocking technique blows customers away even to this day in comparison to stainless steel flatware that obviously goes for a higher price.

Pros of iFork

  • Hygienic, safe, and easy to use.
  • Highly convenient.
  • Comfortable, unlike other utensils.
  • No more walk-backs to buffets.
  • No spilling, mess, or contamination.
  • You can reuse and recycle.
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly.
  • No more forgetting your cutlery behind.
  • Interlocking system for the win.
  • Use both hands and carry one for you and one for your friend.

Cons of iFork

  • The plastic might not seem very sturdy to some people.
  • People might not budge from stainless steel or ceramic crockery for plastic.
  • Doesn’t look very fancy or formal.

Who is iFork for?

The iFork utensils are for anyone and everyone who prioritizes hygiene. If you are a germaphobe and cross contamination takes away your nightly sleep, the iFork cutlery is for you. All you have to ensure is that you clean and store it properly, which considering you are so persistent about anyway, you will totally love this design innovation of Kyle Donovan. It is safe to say that from a child to a fully-functioning adult, iFork can be used by anyone.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Naturally, there are many alternatives to iFork because it is a piece of utensil, after all. Obviously, you won’t get the design innovation, the interlocking system, and your hygiene concerns mitigated, but you can get almost any utensil and cutlery to use as an alternative to it. In fact, many people do not even understand the logic behind iFork, considering they are already highly active at cleaning their utensils anyways.

Our Final Thoughts

People should practice basic hygiene and cleanliness without anyone having to point it out to them; iFork is just a very subtle way of putting it out there for other people to realize how vital your hygiene is for you.

Moreover, using iFork cutlery in public premises like a school, office, or hospital cafeteria makes sense, where people would be highly concerned with protecting their hygiene. All in all, it is an incredible product fulfilling its objective, which if you can relate to, you should try using it yourself. Cheers!