How To Start a Sticker Business

How To Start a Sticker Business

If you want to start a sticker business, the good news is that it doesn’t cost a fortune in upfront investments. The steps are planning for designs, choosing a name for the company, picking a niche, creating a website, and promoting the business. There are other steps and ideas to cover in detail, so please read on!

Stickers That Will Sell

It takes a business plan and design planning to sell stickers in demand. There are several things you will need in equipment and supplies. This is a list of ideas to help you start a sticker business.

  1. Get a high-quality printer: Handling many orders will take a high-quality printer. There are inkjet printers and laser printers for options. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges, and laser printers have toner powder. If the stickers require waterproofing, then get vinyl paper and waterproof ink.
  2. Choosing a sticker paper: Different kinds of paper exist for different purposes. There is vinyl, which is the most costly, most durable, and of the highest level of quality. Then, glossy comes in white or clear paper and doesn’t absorb the ink. Last, there’s a matte which is closer to computer paper. The ink is absorbed through the paper and is not as shiny as glossy paper.
  3. Designing Software: You will need to put these images on the sticker paper. If you are not into drawing your designs, you can hire a freelancer to do it, or you can do it solo. The following software allows you to create images that will sell. Some are free; others are subscriptions: Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Canva, Silhouette Studio, Design Space, and Procreate.
  4. Cutting Tools: It doesn’t have to be fancy when starting, but a good pair of scissors will do the trick. Later on, you can purchase different knives that work professionally. The cutting tools allow the stickers to peel off the label as it is carved around the designs.

Picking a Niche and Choosing a Name Brand

Choosing a niche is unique because it allows you to do work in the realm of what you love to do and have passion for it. There is a sense of confidence that comes with working in your niche. It is essential to stick with a niche because it saves time and keeps from many transitions, which can wear a person down over time.

Once you have chosen your specialty in design and product of stickers, you need to pick a name for your company and a logo or trademark. Different websites go through a list of names and brands that are not taken. You can punch them in to see if another company uses your chosen one.

Once you develop a name and trademark, you can register your business as a DBA or an LLC. Going the DBA route, you must register your business at the county courthouse. If you do the LLC, you will have to get a lawyer to file the paperwork through the state and obtain an EIN.

Create a Website

You will need a website to send all of your customers. It will take a few plugins and a way to add a shopping cart with the ability to accept debit and credit card payments. A landing page with pictures and descriptions of the stickers and all your products sold is required.

You will also need a domain that is easy to look up and have an SEO strategy to keep your page at the top of the search engines. Communication destinations such as phone numbers, chat rooms, or emails are also necessary. Lastly, your website should have the option to keep your customers updated and subscribe to your website. It will leave opportunities to get notified of new items, newsletters, or blog posts.

Promoting the Sticker Business

Once all the above is done, it is time to promote your business. You are already one step ahead if you take the SEO strategy route. Below are other things you can do to advertise and promote your new company:

  • Make and hand out business cards: Create a professional business card that caters to your products. It is a great way to advertise through the card because it shows the quality of design, cut, and the effect the customers will get if you use your printer and software to create the cards. You can hand them out with your contact information leading them straight to your website.
  • Attend Conferences: Some customers buy more items if they see the purchased item in front of them. Attending conferences and setting up booths to show off your work is a great physical way to promote your company. It also leaves a sense of pride when people compliment and show interest in your products.
  • Word of Mouth: Following the sale, get reviews to add to your website. Customers base their trust on reviews from previous customers. Once they purchase your items and see that you have excellent customer service, they will spread the word to their friends and family.
  • Social Media: Today, social media are the most digital way of selling products and services to start up a sticker business. You can set up a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show off your available products. There are ways to tie in the link to your webpage that will send the customers straight to your website. Once they purchase the items, you can get right on the job to send the finished products their way.


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