Gobie H2O from Shark Tank

Gobie H2O shark tank

One of the concerning thoughts today is the uncertain safety of tap water. Even though numerous countries like the UK, Canada, and Switzerland offer tap water, which is safe to drink, other nations don’t offer such luxuries. The United States offers one of the most secure drinking water systems, but even then, tap water in some regions may not be as reliable. Water is a critical matter, and drinking unsafe water can cause a plethora of hazardous diseases.

In addition, it’s not uncommon to see many people shy from drinking tap water because of its slightly weird odor and taste. Plus, it gets trickier when you relocate to a new neighborhood and don’t know if that area’s tap water is reliable enough. How extraordinary would it be to remove the present waste and ensure you’re drinking safe water everywhere?

Lucky for you, there’s a splendid invention precisely for you!

Presenting: the Gobie H2O, a water bottle with a 22-ounce capacity, constructed from BPA-free Tritan. The company was founded by Rusty Allen, an industrial designer dedicated to reducing water waste and making it easy to grab and drink without hassle.

The bottle fits snugly around the usual cup holder and is even equipped with a non-slipping base to prevent unnecessary spills. Gobie H2O also has a carbon-based filter that works wonders to remove chlorine minerals and unpleasant odors from the tap water. That way, you can travel, relocate, and use tap water, converting it into a clean and refreshing solution.

To make the bottle even more convenient, Rusty used filters that would last a while, cleaning almost 100 gallons of water and staying in a workable condition for around three months. In addition, the filters are made using burnt coconut shells, making them efficiently biodegradable.

Using Gobie H2O ensures a lesser number of plastic bottles used, hence, lower plastic waste. Rusty sought additional finance to expand Gobie H2O’s production and make it accessible to the masses. Therefore, he appeared on Shark Tank’s fourth season, looking for $300,000 in exchange for 10% of the company’s equity.

The entrepreneur began by explaining the bottle, its uses, and its benefits, namely how it filters 99.9% contamination. Lori remarked how it’s not the first filtered product she saw. The only distinguishing feature was Gobie H2O’s soft, squeezable side. Although she thought the bottle was somewhat unique, she backed out because of the high potential competition. Mark didn’t think Gobie H2O was the right product to enter the water filtration market. He left as well.

Kevin was uncertain about the company’s valuation, and when he didn’t receive practice and a cohesive sales plan, he backed out. Robert thought Rusty didn’t have enough information about the business and the niche he’s entering. So, he declined the pitch.

Daymond was the last shark left to reveal his final decision. He inquired about the actual reason for Rusty demanding additional investment. The entrepreneur answered that he wanted cash for production. Daymond offered $300,000 in exchange for the company’s 40% equity ownership instead of the initially demanded amount, depending on whether Gobie H2O enters a big-box store.

Much deliberation and consultation later, Rusty tried to negotiate but was unsuccessful. Eventually, he accepted Daymond’s offer. Gobie H2O expanded and flourished significantly following the Shark tank episode. Its bottles were available on the brand’s official website and e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

However, for unknown reasons, the official website went dark and unavailable in August 2021. The filtered water bottles were also unavailable on Amazon, though they appear to be in limited stock as of 2022. Additionally, Rusty’s LinkedIn is still updated where he sells Happi Canine, another one of his ventures specializing in selling CBD supplements enriched with fish oil for dogs.

Our Review Of Gobie H2O

Seriously, what’s not to love about Gobie H2O? It’s needless to say we were absolutely in love with the bottles. They were easy to use, had a soft exterior, a filter with exceptional durability and effectiveness, and were designed to prevent spills. The biodegradable advantage was the perfect Unique Selling Point! We think the product was a stunner, especially for all the environmentally concerned individuals like us.

Pros Of Gobie H2O

  • BPA-free plastic prevents waste
  • Filter to eliminate chlorine elements and other contaminants
  • Portable and ideal for when you’re traveling or uncertain about tap water’s quality/safety
  • Reusable and environment-friendly innovation
  • The mouthpieces are designed to fit human mouths comfortably
  • Flexible diaphragm to squeeze water easily
  • An instant removal of contamination from tap water
  • High-quality filter for optimal use
  • Affordable price

Cons Of Gobie H2O

  • Several alternatives are available in the market today

Who Is Gobie H2O For?

Gobie H2O is perfect for people who prioritize hygiene, especially related to the water they consume. In addition, if you’re concerned with and plan to adopt maximum ecological practices, you’ll experience a worthwhile investment in Gobie H2O. Moreover, if you love taking hikes or travel and take short trips, you can make perfect use of the Gobie H2O water bottles and have access to odor-free, clean drinkable water. Fun!  

Are There Any Alternatives?

Brita Store’s Plastic Water Filter Bottle is one of the best alternatives to consider. It’s wallet-friendly and accommodates 36 ounces of water in one go. Although it’s made of plastic, the bottle ensures low waste because the fabric is hard plastic with excellent durability. It’s designed to promote instant cleaning and even fits most car cupholders snugly. The filter eliminates chlorine’s taste and smell, making the water feel fresh and delightful. You must replace the filter after forty gallons of water (around two months), and you’re good to go.

Our Final Thoughts

Gobie H2O was an impressive creation. Even though Daymond invested in the venture, it’s sad to see the business go out of operation. But living in the contemporary world ensures we can still avail of the highly competitive market. Today, there are multiple alternatives available that we can turn to, and that’s a relief considering the growing environmental concerns. But we’d still have loved to see Gobie H2O expand and reach massive audiences.