Gently Soap Review from Shark Tank: Unveiling the Sudsy Success Story

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Gently Soap has emerged from the high-energy pitching stage of “Shark Tank” as a burgeoning brand with a mission that resonates with many. Focusing on individuals with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema, the company’s appearance on the show has catapulted it into the spotlight, offering a range of skin-friendly soaps. These products are specifically designed to nurture the skin without causing irritation, providing a soothing alternative to the more abrasive, chemical-laden options on the market.

The story behind Gently Soap is one of personal struggle and innovative solution-finding. Its founder, Kristen Dunning, driven by her own experiences with eczema, embarked on a journey to create bath products that could be used without fear of triggering skin discomfort. The result is a line of all-natural soaps that aim to protect, cleanse, and moisturize the skin of people who are often neglected by mainstream skincare brands. Gently Soap’s philosophy extends beyond skin care, advocating for awareness around the impact of skincare products both on our bodies and the environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Gently Soap creates specialty soaps for those with eczema and sensitive skin.
  • Originating on “Shark Tank,” the brand emphasizes natural ingredients and skin health.
  • The company supports sustainability and a positive environmental impact.

Behind the Brand

Gently Soap emerged on Shark Tank with an inspiring backstory led by founder Kristen Dunning, as well as an engaging pitch that captured the attention of the sharks, including Candace Nelson.

Founder Kristen Dunning’s Story

Kristen Dunning is the entrepreneur who launched Gently Soap from her dorm room. Battling with eczema from a young age, she created a range of soaps tailored for sensitive skin. Her journey from concept to product materialized into a business that stands on the principles of natural, steroid-free skincare. With an MBA in hand, Dunning has managed to blend her academic prowess with her personal experiences to drive her company’s growth.

The Pitch: Shark Tank Season 15

During the premiere of Shark Tank’s fifteenth season, Kristen Dunning took the stage to introduce the sharks to her brand. She revealed that Gently Soap was born out of personal necessity and had grown significantly by fulfilling a market need for skincare products that cater to individuals with similar skin conditions. The pitch laid out key information such as sales figures and the company’s net worth, vital details that the sharks often scrutinize to evaluate a business’s potential.

Candace Nelson and the Sharks’ Reception

Candace Nelson, known for her keen business sense and as a mainstay on Shark Tank, along with the other sharks, listened intently to Dunning’s pitch. The reception by Nelson and her counterparts encapsulated a mix of both intrigue and critical analysis as they dove into the viability of Gently Soap in a competitive market. The sharks were particularly interested in sales, profit margins, and the longevity of the business, essential factors that any investor would consider.

Product Highlights

Gently Soap shines in the Shark Tank spotlight, catering to those with sensitive skin through its innovative formula. Its highlights revolve around unique features and a careful selection of essential oils and natural ingredients, designed to be both soothing and effective.

Unique Features of Gently Soaps

Gently Soaps are specifically formulated for individuals with sensitive skin. They stand out because they are fragrance-free, emphasizing skin health without the use of irritants. Each bar is vegan and crafted without synthetic fragrances, which makes them suitable for consumers looking for a pure and ethical skincare option. Furthermore, their soaps are designed to be anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce skin irritation and redness associated with conditions like eczema.

Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients

The soaps incorporate a variety of natural ingredients including herb-infused elements and medicinal plants. These botanicals provide gentle, natural care for the skin. While they avoid synthetic fragrances, Gently Soaps doesn’t completely eschew all scents; instead, they opt for select essential oils that offer therapeutic benefits and are less likely to cause irritation.

Inclusion of these botanicals confirms Gently Soap’s commitment to natural, gentle skincare. Ingredients like calendula and chamomile are often used for their calming properties. The thoughtful composition makes the soaps not just cleansing agents but also a means to support skin’s health on a daily basis.

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Customer Experience

Gently Soap has garnered attention and positive feedback from those seeking natural solutions for delicate skin care. Customers value the soap’s ability to cater to sensitive skin, and the experiences shared paint a vivid picture of its impact on skin health.

Testimonials and Reviews

Customer testimonials reflect a strong sense of appreciation for Gently Soap’s gentle formula, particularly from those with sensitive skin. Individuals who suffer from eczema or psoriasis have mentioned the relief they feel when using these soaps. Online reviews often highlight the absence of harsh chemicals and the use of natural ingredients, which contribute to the positive user experience. Moreover, the lack of artificial scents is frequently cited as a benefit by customers sensitive to strong fragrances.

  • Key Points from Online Reviews:
    • Soothing effect on skin conditions
    • Preferences for fragrance-free options
    • Belief in the effectiveness of natural ingredients

Efficiency in Managing Skin Conditions

Customers with skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, frequently discuss the efficiency of Gently Soap in providing relief from their symptoms. These herbal-infused soaps are crafted without essential oils or dyes, aligning with the needs of those with ultra-sensitive skin. Repeat customers have demonstrated their trust in the brand, indicating that the soap meets their sensitive skin care requirements. Relief from irritation and the moisturizing properties of the soaps are among the key benefits experienced by users.

  • Impact on Skin Conditions:
    • Eczema: Users report reduced dryness and irritation
    • Psoriasis: Several customers experience less flakiness and redness

This brand has built a loyal customer base through its targeted approach to skin care and its effectiveness in managing sensitive skin conditions.

Sustainability and Impact

Gently Soap has established itself as an exemplary model in the realm of sustainable skincare, conscientiously intertwining eco-conscious practices into its production and community ethos.

Eco-Conscious Production and Packaging

Gently Soap goes beyond merely producing skincare products; it embeds sustainability in its core operations. The brand’s dedication to the environment emerges through their use of organic ingredients and commitment to eco-friendly packaging. Crafting products with sustainability in mind, Gently Soap has been recognized by Eco Parent Magazine for their innovative sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet.

Community and Social Responsibility

The societal impact of Gently Soap extends to community and equity, particularly supporting initiatives for women-owned brands. As a recipient of the She’s Next Visa program, founder Kristen Dunning has manifested her vision for a brand that not only cares for skin but also empowers communities. Collaborating with platforms like Thirteen Lune and BLK + GRN, both showcasing black and women artisans, Gently Soap is more than a product—it’s a symbol of social responsibility and nurturing equity in the business landscape.