FunHouse from Shark Tank

FunHouse shark tank

In episode 107 of the seventh season of “Shark Tank,” Todd Robbins and David Adamovich offered a business venture they called “The Funhouse Project” to the show’s celebrity investors. To capitalize on the yearly influx of tourists to New York City’s Time Square, they have devised a proposal to construct a low-cost entertainment venue as a street fair. They planned on using 25,000 square feet of space to house five separate venues.

Robbins showed off his magic skills by doing a simple trick during the presentation before requesting $400,000 in exchange for a 20 percent ownership of the firm. After that, he demanded that Adamovich show his expertise in the area where he has a particular specialization.

Adamovich agreed with the request, much to the delight of the Sharks, by putting on a knife-throwing performance and displaying his talents in front of the audience. Daymond John volunteered to stand in front of the board as the knives were smashed against the background because he was so excited about the chance.

The concept captivated the Sharks’ attention, but they remained wary of its reliability. Robbins indicated that the admission price for each person would be $15 and that they expect to collect $9.4 million in revenue during the first year of operation. Robbins also mentioned that they would accept credit cards as payment. He admitted that the start-up expenses are around $1.5 million, and the yearly running expenditures would be approximately $7 million. Both of these figures are approximately correct.

The Sharks were working themselves up into a frenzy. The data suggested that there was a considerable threat. Strong and steady sales are required if the company is going to be able to keep up with the massive operational expenditures. The calculations have been called into question and the incredibly huge risks involved in adopting a business strategy that has never been done before having been brought up. The cost estimates are in the upper millions of dollars, and there is no guarantee that there would be a profit.

The business model’s viability had been called into question, and the level of risk involved was simply unacceptable. The expense of branding was one of the reasons why a deal was not made available. Robbins and Adamovich left as the last two Sharks weighed in, but no agreement was reached between them.

Our Review of the Funhouse Project

The Funhouse would have been a good idea since it had something to offer everyone, serving a mishmash of different things, including a selection of snacks and drinks, performances and attractions, thrilling and casual family diversions, and other activities.

If you aren’t a lover of excitement or being in vast groups of people, places like the Funhouse may not seem like the most wonderful environment to spend time in when considering where you would want to spend your time. The immune system might weaken when subjected to pressures and worries, leading to sickness.

Visiting Funhouse would have helped individuals get over their phobias, which is another reason why going there would have been beneficial. Taking in the acts can give a person a boost to their confidence and self-esteem and confidence. It can be a fantastic source of amusement and a motivating tool that inspires one to conquer their worries and enjoy life without constraints. This is because it can be both things simultaneously.

Because of this, the value of time spent with loved ones, whether friends or family, increases. What could be a more enjoyable way to enjoy oneself than to do it in the company of one’s loved ones and closest friends? It is a fantastic way to spend time with the people you care about while also participating in an activity that ensures everyone will have a great time. Spending time with your loved ones while engaging in an activity assures everyone will have a good day.

People come to these destinations for various reasons, including having a good time, making memories with their family, spending quality time with them, getting away from daily life’s monotony, and being amused.


  • A good way to spend time with family
  • Fun entertainment
  • High customer retention rates
  • Gain exposure and experience


  • Time-consuming acts
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Technical issues
  • Impatient customers

Who Is the Funhouse Project For?

The idea behind the Funhouse was to create an environment that would be enjoyable for people of all ages, particularly young people but also older people. People who appreciate viewing magic shows or acts and want to spend time with their families would have benefitted from visiting this venue due to the variety of performances and shows available.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Funhouse was meant to be the largest venue for acts and performances, but there are other options available to choose from in its place. You can use the internet to locate the shows that are taking place near you. Many magicians host their performances in well-known venues but remember that nothing would’ve been as huge as the Funhouse.

Our Final Thoughts

The FunHouse was the brainchild of Todd and David. They aimed to bring honest entertainment to NYC Times Square by booking various acts, including impalement artists, acrobats, magicians, fire breathers, and more. After participating in all those insane activities, you would have felt an incredible rush of adrenaline, which would have caused you to feel enthusiastic and delighted.

On the way down, the body would have released an increasing number of endorphins resulting in you feeling more alert because of the increased endorphin release, which would also have given you more energy. Although Todd and David never finished the FunHouse, they were working together, but they each had tremendous success.