Fun Bites from Shark Tank

Fun Bites shark tank

Children are picky eaters. If it were up to them, they would likely eat mac n cheese and French fries daily. Give them a bag of chips, and they will happily much away with a juice box, watching their favorite cartoon or TV show. Then there are those who love dipping carrots in hummus or eating something equally healthy.

Such choosy, fussy and picky eating habits are not because of the taste of the food. According to dozens of studies dating back to the 1990s, this behavior is linked to personality traits and parental control. In some cases, maternal eating patterns and social influences play a role too.

If you are rolling your eyes, we get you. It seems made up, right? All we can say then you can chalk it up to your kid being… well, just a kid.

So, is there a solution?


Let us introduce you to Fun Bites ― cookie cutters that come in different shapes and sizes. Created by Bobbie Rhoads, Fun Bites allows parents to cut foods in fun shapes that appeal to kids. Bobbie was inspired by her daughter Dylan, who liked to eat the same food every day. She never tried new food, unless it was candy or any other junk food.

At meals, Bobbie would spend all her energy cutting the food into bite-sized pieces, and that’s when it hit ― wouldn’t it be amazing if we had something that you would press on the food and voilà, you get perfectly cut bites.

And that’s how

Are They Still An Active Company?

Fun Bites was found in 2011. Today, the company has received multiple awards, and its cookie cutters are featured on many popular kids’ channels, such as Nickelodeon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Bobbie Rhoads appeared in the 615th Shark Tank episode on 6th February 2015, asking for $75K in turn for a 20% stake. She had been running her business for quite some time but wanted to reach new heights. She came prepared with her speech and started by telling the Sharks that studies show kids happily eat food that is cut into fun shapes.

She handed out the samples to the sharks and asked them to try them on the food in front of them. Kevin and Lori were impressed with the quality of the product.

Bobbie told them up till now. She had made $400K in sales. She had been picked up at a trade show by Target. Her product was now sitting on the shelves in Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Kohl. However, due to some packaging issues, her products didn’t sell.

She had high hopes that she would get an in with Disney and Marvel by getting an investment. First up is Kevin, who thinks that Fun Bites isn’t that much of an exciting product, and he’s out.

Robert says he used to cut food for his kids, which is not that annoying. He’s out too. Daymond says he will offer $100K for a 30% stake and will try his best to get her the licenses. He tries to push Bobbie into making a decision then and there, but she refuses and says she wants to hear what offer Lori has for her.

Lori says she has relationships in all the right stores and will make sure Bobbie not only sells her products in stores but also gets the licenses. She agrees to her offer, which is $25K less than what Daymond offered.

Bobbie finds reassurance in Lori’s words and accepts the Shark’s deal.

Our Review of Fun Bites

Fun Bites allows parents to play a fun game of tricking kids into trying new things and making them eat a healthy diet. That’s a win in everyone’s book because we all know how much fuss children create when they are told to eat their fruits and veggies.

Setting aside the parents’ point of view, it also appeals to adults because who wouldn’t want to take a bite out of a heart made of chicken, cheese, salad leaf, and mayo!

Pros of Fun Bites

  • Extremely affordable
  • High-quality material (Made of BPA-free plastic)
  • Have the perfect size that removes the crust from corner to corner

Cons of Fun Bites

  • Basic shapes (Other companies have shapes based on animals and objects)
  • Difficult to clean if not washed immediately

Who Is Fun Bites For?

For all those moms out there who find themselves running after their 5-year-old with a plate of food, hoping they will take a bit, or dads, who make airplane sounds while feeding their 3-year-old sitting in the highchair, only to get spit on… Fun Bites is for you.

It will bring you great joy when your kid happily eats whatever you put in front of them, just because the food is cut in fun shapes and sizes.

It could also help catering businesses lavishly display their food. Whether you are single or a couple, if you love throwing parties, try Fun Bites cutters to make your spread more appealing.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Cookie Cutter Shop

The Cookie Cutter Shop was founded in 1999. Run by a mom, the company was started to bring a smile to children’s faces by offering fun and quality products.

They offer cookie cutters in not just simple shapes, such as squares, circles, and hearts but with animal molds as well, including ducks, dinosaurs, birds, butterflies, and more. They also have a unique category of cutters with designs, such as the Gingerbread Man, a doll house, dog bone, Halloween ghost, etc.

Our Final Thoughts

Fun Bites Cookie Cutters have a unique dozen, which you won’t find in any other cookie cutters. They cut your food precisely and allow you to create different designs with the shapes. Think of it as a puzzle but made with food.

After the Fun Bites episode was aired, Bobbie made thousands of sales and earned $150,000. She made multiple appearances on QVC and even produced TV commercials. Today, Fun Bites makes $2 million in revenue annually, all thanks to Bobbie’s hard work and Lori’s rust in her.