Fitness Stride from Shark Tank

Fitness Stride shark tank

Fitness Stride is an exercise band that allows a person with a busy routine to work out. The band is worn while doing regular tasks at home or sitting at a desk at work. The rubber straps on each end resist leg muscles as you move. It’s a cheap alternative to more expensive workout machines like treadmills.

Fitness Stride was designed by Stacy Erwin, who wanted an affordable and manageable way of incorporating workouts into his daily routine. Although Erwin was always interested in the fitness lifestyle, after graduating from college, he was too busy to actively go to the gym. He decided to invent a convenient way of working out while going about his daily life.

Are They Still an Active Company?

No, the company is currently not active and is out of business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Erwin came to Shark Tank with an initial ask of $140,000 for a 15% stake in his company. He entered the show with two beautiful models and claimed that his product was good enough to be served on a platter. His main focus was on how Fitness Stride was an excellent solution to losing weight, addressing back pain from constant work, and tightening the muscles in your hips and thighs.

The models then demonstrated the product, and Erwin showed how each could raise her knee with and without the resistance band, stating the Fitness Stride exerted more pressure and helped you burn more calories. Stacy handed out samples to all the Sharks, who then tried walking with the bands on.

With the pitch out of the way, the Sharks asked about the sales. Erwin shared that its retail price for a set of power bands,  each with a different color. The purpose of the two was that each exerted a a different resistance. Erwin shared that they were produced in China for $10 each, and he already had a contract with several retailers, including Foot Locker who were ready to buy Fitness Stride bands wholesale.

Daymond was interested in learning about the company’s growth so far, and Erwin shared that they’d managed to sell $150,000 worth of Fitness Stride bands in the past year and generated $60,000 in revenue. At this stage, the Sharks started cross-examining Erwin’s business plan in more detail. Daymond found the valuation a little faulty while Robert found it hard to believe that Erwin could successfully take $150,000 to a million.

Kevin needed user testimonials for the effectiveness of the product itself. Stacy shared that one user had managed to get rid of 150 pounds with Fitness Stride. However, the Sharks weren’t entirely convinced.

Kevin stepped out first because he felt it would be impossible to market, followed by Robert for the same reason. Kevin Harrington, on the other hand, felt that more customer testimonials would improve the legitimacy of the product.

Daymond and Barbara were the last to step out. Barbara shared that although she liked Erwin’s pitch, she wasn’t convinced by the product itself because it didn’t seem necessary. Daymond wasn’t willing to invest because of the unusually high valuation.

Overall, the Fitness Stride Shark Tank review was negative and they left without a deal. After failing to secure an investment, Erwin’s company went out of business.

Our Review of Fitness Stride

The good news is that the stretching band effectively provided resistance in regular movement like walking each time you lift your knee. This meant that you could lose calories even while doing simple household tasks. The material was durable and could be adjusted for different lengths. It was also adaptable to different places and tasks.

The bad news is that the stretching band is quite expensive. There are cheaper alternatives on the market for those looking to buy a good fitness band to incorporate into their workout routine. Many regular stretching bands can be multi-purposed in the same way. The design is faulty because it restricts movement too much, increasing the risk of accidents while walking.

Pros of Fitness Stride

  • Good for losing weight
  • Adaptable to different settings
  • Durable and adjustable

Cons of Fitness Stride

  • Expensive
  • Cheaper alternatives on the market
  • Faulty design

Who Is Fitness Stride for?

Fitness Stride is mainly targeted at working adults or housewives, who are too busy to go to the gym or work out but still want to lose weight.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Resistance bands are nothing new; their many alternatives to Fitness Stride in the market.

The Power Systems Resistance Band is one good alternative to the Fitness Stride, also made for short and limited movement. It provides light resistance and can be used for multiple muscle groups, not just the lower region of the body. It’s also comparatively much more affordable than the Fitness Stride, and even a set sells for far less than a pair of Fitness Stride bands. It has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

Power Systems resistance bands are adaptable and flexible; they also won’t take up much space compared to conventional workout equipment. People of all levels can incorporate these fitness bands into their workout routines.

Our Final Thoughts

Although the idea behind Fitness Stride was unique, the product itself wasn’t as well executed since it restricted movement while walking, defeating the purpose of allowing multitasking. It’s also quite expensive at almost $50 which might discourage people from buying it when there are already cheaper alternatives available.

Fitness Stride focused entirely on lower body muscles, unlike most stretching bands which can be used for different parts of the body during a workout routine.

Overall, working adults might prefer to use this product in order to lose weight in a convenient and affordable way. However, it isn’t clear how effective it actually would be in practice.