Fidgetland from Shark Tank

Fidgetland shark tank

Fidgets were invented in 1993 but blew up recently in 2017. The trend attracted numerous popular toy brands as the demand from consumers for fidget toys increased. Fidget toys were proven to help kids and adults with ADD (now ADHD), learning disabilities, anxiety, and stress.

Despite the incredible benefits, fidget toys weren’t always welcomed in classrooms or office workspaces. It was because fidget toys such as spinners or metal balls tended to make noise and were flashy. The fidgeters might feel calm or focused, but the people around them are often distracted and disrupt the environment.

Seeing the need for discreet and silent fidget toys long before the fidget toys trend blew up, Jason Burns started the company Fidgetland. The eight different types of fidget toys available at Fidgetland were so discreet that people around wouldn’t even notice someone carrying them. All the fidgets manufactured at Fidgetland were handmade with quality things, but it all started in Jason’s garage.

Jason was diagnosed with ADD during his crucial high school years. Though the drugs his pediatrician at the time prescribed him worked well, Jason found a need to constantly have something in his hand to keep his mind focused. This revelation was when his colleague pointed out his fidgeting habits.

Jason looked through his garage and found key rings and bike chains. He meddled with things and created a toy design that worked for him. Jason gave the toy to his friends and family, and through word of mouth, his product became well-known and desired, forcing him to start Fidgetland.

Jason appeared on Shark Tank Season 9, seeking an investment of $50K in exchange for 10% equity. He came to the sharks when fidgets were trending and knew he needed to ride the tide to make insurmountable profits. Jason wanted to market his product better, so he was seeking investment.

Jason started his pitch and seemed focused, shocking everyone when he revealed he had ADD. He remained focused throughout his pitch because he played with his fidget toy the entire time, but no one noticed. That demonstration made the sharks see the functionality of the fidget toys and how the toys performed in terms of discretion.

Jason also distributed samples for each shark to have a closer look and experience just fumbling around. He also shared numerical facts such as the 80% margin, $500K in sales, and a target of selling 500K units that year. The sharks were quite impressed, but only two offered Jason a deal.

Mark, Lori, and Kevin weren’t interested in the investment as Mark didn’t find himself the perfect shark for marketing, whereas Lori and Kevin didn’t enjoy the product too much. Barbara had a kid with ADHD and could understand Jason. She offered $50K for 20%.

Robert offered Jason $50K for 15% as he loved the product and connected with Jason’s story. Despite Robert’s better offer, Jason decides to go with Barbara’s deal.

Our Review of Fidgetland

Fidgetland had made $500K after a decade of selling products before appearing on Shark Tank. However, the Shark Tank Effect did wonders for Jason, along with the sudden popularity of fidget toys in 2017. Fidgetland now generates annual revenue of a million dollars.

Fidgetland’s fidgets are school-approved due to their discretion, making them popular among school-going kids. Customers could use a single fidget toy in numerous ways, providing variety so buyers aren’t bored. Apart from that, adults also found relief for their anxiety while the functional design allowed them to carry fidgets around in professional settings without being noticed.

Pros of Fidgetland

Fidgetland’s incredible fidget toys are designed to help individuals relieve anxiety and stay focused on the task at hand. The unique, discreet design and excellent customer service have helped Fidgetland find the perfect customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Fidgetland offers handmade fidget toys to customers that are less noisy and aesthetically discreet.
  • The fidget toys help individuals stay focused on their tasks without getting distracted.
  • Fidgetland’s fidgets curb the fidgeting that can be disturbing for others around.
  • The fidgets are comfortable and easy to use.
  • A single fidget toy can be fidgeted around in different ways, assuring decreased boredom for people who dislike routines.
  • Fidgetland’s products are long-lasting owing to the quality of stainless steel used in the design.
  • The toys are sized perfectly for kids and adults.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Fidgetland

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Fidgetland:

  • Fidgetland’s toys take a while before adjusting in the user’s hands.
  • The toys may not always work for all people with learning disabilities.
  • Fidgetland is unavailable on Amazon Prime, and its products are delivered to customers without delay.
  • Fidgetland’s toys can be slightly pricier than the average fidget toys available online.

Who Is Fidgetland For?

Anyone with ADHD or learning disorders can take advantage of Fidgetland’s fidgets. The discreet fidgets are school-approved and are even mentioned in the list of staple office products, making them perfect for youngsters and adults alike. Fidgetland’s products are less showy and noisy, which can help people with ADHD focus during meetings.

Fidgetland’s trusty fidgets can also help relieve anxiety and stress by distracting your mind from the triggers and narrowing your focus on the present events.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Fidget toys are quite common nowadays. As people realize the importance of fidget toys in undiagnosed disorders such as anxiety and stress, the demand for the product is also rising. Hence, numerous brands manufacture fidget toys.

You can find a variety of such companies and their products on Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts

Fidgetland was manufacturing fidgets for a decade before fidget toys blew up. Though the trend has died down, Fidgetland stays on top of its game due to its product’s discretion. The company also used great business tactics to stay relevant and become worth a million dollars.

Fidgetland will continue to grow as a company owing to its product variety and quality. We are likely to see more of the business in the future.