Fat Ass Fudge from Shark Tank

Fat Ass Fudge shark tank

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

It’s the ultimate sweet that soothes your soul and cheers you up after a bad day. Chocolate can make you smile when you get it as a gift on your birthday or anniversary. It’s also a gift that most people receive on Valentine’s Day; we could keep going. Ask anyone what chocolate tastes like, and they will say, “love,” “the divine fruit,” and “pleasure.”

If you love chocolate, what are your thoughts on fudge? Close your eyes and imagine this: High-quality chocolate, butter, and milk being mixed to make a chewy dessert that crumbles in your mouth and satiates your sweet cravings.

We have got a name for this sugar candy, and it’s called Fat Ass Fudge.

Fat Ass Fudge is a gluten-free, organic fudge made with goat’s butter, milk, and Belgian chocolate. It is available in various flavors, including Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Soft Caramel. Currently, more are being introduced.

Donna McCue created the chocolate in 2008. Donna majored in theater at the City College in San Francisco. After graduating, she explored a number of her interest, eventually finding success in consulting. She worked for major corporations, such as Citibank and The New York Times.

She got the idea to start Fat Ass Fudge during an event. She started selling her sweets at local eateries and soon expanded her operation. Her product became popular because it is made of organic goat butter and milk, which is pleasant for lactose-intolerant people. Apart from local eateries, she also sold her fudge at farmer’s markets, from her mobile shop, and on the internet.

Are They Still An Active Company?

Fat Ass Fudge is no longer in business. Donna sold her company in 2014 to Chocology for an undisclosed amount. The product is still available online and has received multiple awards for its taste.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Donna McCue appeared in Season 4 of Shark Tank with her product Fat Ass Fudge, looking for $250,000 in investment for a 5% stake in the company. Donna started her speech by saying that her chocolate made people happy. She then carried a tray full of samples to the sharks.

She walked back to the stage, and after shimmying a bit, she explained how she came up with the idea but didn’t act on it until years later. She had been in the Show Business before becoming an entrepreneur. Every time she didn’t get a part, she would drown her sorrow in chocolate instead of beating herself up. After ending her story, she told the sharks she was open to questions.

Kevin asked her about the number, and Robert wanted to know how many sales she had made. When Donna said $60,000 excitedly, Robert was not pressed. She tried to explain how she always got sold out at the events, which was enough to show how big her brand name was.

Donna then revealed that she had received orders for her product from two Whole Food stores. Kevin was the first to make an offer and said he would do it for a $1000 stake. The Sharks started to laugh at her, which threw Donna off-kilter. She asked them if their product had any potential, to which Kevin said that she needed a partner to sort out the business end while she made the fudge. After explaining to her what she was missing, he bowed out.

Barbara liked her product but didn’t see any potential in it and was out. Daymond said the same thing before he backed out. Robert simply said he wasn’t interested, and that was it. Mark told Donna that if she tried, she could handle everything on her own, and he backed out as well.

Donna looked shocked and left stage disappointed.

Our Review of Fat Ass Fudge

Donna started making fudge using her grandmother’s recipe in 2008. She worked in various restaurants, where her sweet creation was just another dessert on the menu. However, when she commercialized her product, it received a great response.

The reason why the brand didn’t succeed but the product did was because Donna was not in the business of making money. Moreover, she couldn’t handle all the responsibilities on her own and ended up selling the business.

On the product’s end, the fudge tastes incredibly decision, which is why Chocology bought it. From the texture to taste and the introduction of new flavors, most people like Fat Ass Fudge because it offers them a guilt-free, chewy candy.

Pros of Fat Ass Fudge

  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Made from 100% pure goat’s milk and butter
  • Less expensive than competitor fudge

Cons of Fat Ass Fudge

  • Too many competitors

Who Is Fat Ass Fudge For?

Most people love sweets but cannot have them due to being lactose intolerant or having a gluten allergy. Fat Ass Fudge especially targets these people and offers them delicious candy squares to die for.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Fat Ass Fudge has several competitors, including:

Chocology was the one that managed to swoop in on Fat Ass Fudge. As Donna had said, the funny name of the candy had made it quite popular, and since its ingredients were similar to what Chocology had in its products, it was a great addition.

Our Final Thoughts

At the time of the Shark Tank pitch, Fat Ass Fudge was valued at $5 million. Since the candy is now sold under Chocology, the numbers are higher. Donna could have gotten a Shark on board if her pitch had been serious. However, her lack of concern for her own product made the Sharks believe that she herself wasn’t interested in taking her company to a new height.

Though her product had potential, she didn’t have the correct numbers down, which is probably why the opportunity slipped from her hand, and she ended up selling Fat Ass Fudge to Chocology.