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Are you addicted to fast food items like burgers and fries? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! The good news is that you can now move on to a healthier alternative with the help of Everytable. David Foster and Sam Polk believed that health is wealth and thus wanted to make healthy food as readily and cheaply available as possible. Fast found is hard to resist, but it only provides temporary satisfaction and damages your health in the long run.

David and Sam figured out a way to make healthy fast food by introducing Everytable, a chain of healthy fast-food restaurants providing fast and inexpensive healthy fast food. They have revolutionized how we think of fast food and changed the idea of cheap and convenient meals always being unhealthy. They also worked to make healthy fast food readily available in far-flung and underprivileged areas. Read our review to learn more about Everytable.

Everytable is a chain of healthy fast food offering delicious, nutrition-rich, and affordable meals to replace unhealthy fast food. They believe that nutritious food is a human right and has thus dedicated every aspect of their business to ensuring that everyone has access to healthy food options at affordable prices. They have a central kitchen in Los Angeles that allows chefs to prepare and price meals considering what each community can afford. Whether at home or on the go, Everytable ensures you have access to healthy food.

Everytable also provides customers the option to meal prep healthy food items by stocking their fridges with fresh, healthy, and ready-to-eat meals delivered to their doorsteps. You also have the opportunity to customize your meals or subscribe to a meal plan on auto-pilot. Everytable offers an extensive range of food items, including salads, wraps, essentials, breakfast, drinks, desserts, and other healthy snacks.

The co-founders of Everytable wanted financial help in expanding their fast food chains. They thus made an appearance on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $1 million for 5% ownership of Everytable. The Sharks had reservations about their company’s 20 million dollar valuation and asked them to justify it. Another Shark expressed respect and admiration for their idea but did not make an offer. Lori felt that they lacked business acumen and backed out as well. Finally, Rohan offered to invest $1 million for 13.3% ownership of Everytable, to which they made a counteroffer of 5.5% equity with the same investment. However, Rohan declined the offer believing it to be too low. The co-founder then asked him to consider 6.7% ownership, but Rohan did not seem pleased with that offer either. After a long round of negotiations, they finally made a deal!

Final deal: An investment of $1 million for 5% ownership of Everytable.

Are you wondering whether Everytable is still in business? The answer is a rounding yes! Everytable continues to provide easy access to healthy and affordable food. Everytable is now making an annual revenue of over $19 million and has expanded in many new locations. As part of their CSR and expansion strategy, Everytable has started a franchising scheme called the EveryTable University that aims to train young and determined entrepreneurs in underprivileged areas to join their mission of making healthy food readily available to everyone. The co-founders are confident that these franchises will help make healthy food accessible in underprivileged areas.

Our Review of Everytable

Everytable has successfully managed to bring a revolution to the fast food industry, which was previously only associated with unhealthy food choices. Everytable’s unique philosophy, affordability, and ease of access set them apart from traditional fast food chains.   Everytable provides a 360-degree solution for healthy eating, providing you with individually packaged healthy meals that you can have delivered to your door steps.

Healthy food today equals expensive food items that low-income households cannot afford. However, Everytable solves that problem. What we love about Everytable is how they have based their pricing strategy on how much a community can afford, eradicating food inequity, especially in low-income areas.

Everytable has a clear mission: to make healthy food available at affordable prices as an alternative to unhealthy fast food options. They have over 28 healthy menu items, such as Salmon Superfood Salad, Chopped Greek Salad, Roasted Chimichurri Potatoes, Golden Sunrise Overnight Oats, and many more. They also have a range of healthy drinks, like Lil’ Oat Cold Brew Coffee With Oat Milk, Olipop Soda, Strawberry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon Cayenne Shot, Copra Coconut Water, etc.

Moreover, Everytable has also introduced Smart Fridges, stocked with fresh and healthy chef-prepared meals that you can access anytime in your office, apartment building, or campus. Everytable sets up and stocks these tech-enabled fridges that give you access to your favorite meals with a simple swipe. You don’t have to worry about restocking or maintenance, as Everytable will take care of that. Some of their “well-fed partners” include big brands like Tesla, Toms, Kaiser Permanente, and Beauty Counter. The Everytable Smart Fridge is available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

Furthermore, Everytable also offers home delivery and catering services for various gatherings, where they provide healthy meals made from scratch by expert chefs. You can visit their website to order their delicious meals.

Pros of Everytable

  • Ease of access to healthy and delicious chef-cooked meals.
  • Discounted prices for underprivileged areas.
  • Their packaging is made from eco-friendly recyclable materials.

Cons of Everytable

  • You can only order up to twice a week.

Who is Everytable for?

Everytable is for individuals looking for healthier alternatives to fast food items. Everytable provides meals that are healthy, nutrition-rich, and affordable to all. Another great thing they are doing is the provision of discounts in impoverished districts, enabling low-income families to access healthy food options.

Are there Any Alternatives?

So far, no fast food chain is delivering healthy chef-made meals to your doorstep at discount rates.

Our Final Thoughts

Healthy food has never been more accessible and affordable than with Everytable. This unique fast food service is more than just a brand but is more like a promising healthy food movement that ensures everyone has access to healthy food options. Everytable meals are so delicious and healthy that they will reduce all your fast food cravings!