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Emazing Lights shark tank

Gloving was a new fad that struck the club night and EDM markets just a few years ago. Gloving is the practice of putting on a light display while wearing lit gloves. The concept has expanded beyond EDC’s realm to other art and dancing genres.

Gloving makes your hands an embodiment of your emotions. Perhaps more than any other light display, your fingers form a captivating sequence of lights and motions. It is done by professionals in the industry of Electronic Dance Music, yet it is simple for amateurs to learn. You only need a pair of glove lights.

For anything gloving-related, EmazingLights is by far the most reliable source. They manufacture high-quality gloves and lights that both amateurs and professionals often use.

While they have anything from simple LEDs to ultra-high-end LEDs, their best seller is the eZLite Glove Pair.

The eZLite Glove Kit includes everything you’ll need to begin gloving. Emazing’s white Magic Stretch glove, 10 quality LED lights with the eZLite microchip, a protective tray, and 20 batteries are included in the package. These lights emit 20 distinct colors in 3 patterns, letting your ingenuity shine.

The eZLite chip is what gives the eZLite Glove Set its magic powers.

Brian Lim was a forerunner in the arts of “gloving,” doing light shows at rave parties and other EDM events with light-up gloves.

He founded the company in 2010 using $100 and presented light shows at parties using his LED gloves. And by 2015, Lim had a thriving firm with more than $16 million in yearly sales!

Brian appeared on Shark Tank dressed in the Emazing Lights avatar and sought $650,000 for a 5% stake in the company. The lights dimmed, and some of his assistants displayed Sharks gloving. After the demo, Brian distributed samples in preparation for the Sharks’ Q&A. It struck the Sharks as a fantastic concept.

Daymond contrasted gloving to break dancing, while Brian believes it expands beyond the EDM industry and may be a billion-dollar industry. Mark believes that globalization is the next big thing.

Long story short, Brian was able to strike a deal with Daymond and Mark for $650,000 in exchange for an 8% + 20% fee on all licensing sales.

The agreement with the Sharks catapulted Emazing Lights into the sky. Lim had to quadruple his workforce and office area just a few weeks after the show aired to handle the influx of requests.

The business signed license agreements with MGM and sold its items at six of their Las Vegas resorts. By August 2021, the firm had grown to 50 full-time workers and 3,000 sq ft of warehouses. Annual revenue was expected to reach $20 million by May 2022.

Our Review of the Emazing Lights

Emazing Lights aims to turn gloving and other types of light displays into a sophisticated representation of artwork and competitiveness.

They dominate the industry by offering premium-quality LED gloves, light-up poi balls, orbites, party and regular apparel, and the items themselves. They also create and give opportunities for the gifted network of light show performers to stay energized and focused.

The illuminated gloves with illuminating fingers may have placed them on the map, but Lin now has a variety of additional glowing products that make the Art of Gloving quite fascinating. Their multi-colored Spinning Round Orbits or the longer Elite Flow POI Balls may better suit your dance style.

The Light Show Gloves are available in several color combinations tailored for a specific lighting impact. For this reason, people prefer the Shark Attack Glove above the other dozens of gloves available.

The eZLite chip is what gives the eZLite Glove Set its unique properties. Nothing else comes close to this pricing bracket. It lets you control each light separately.

You may configure individual light manually with one, two, or three colors. The light display is completely under your control.

The ingenious technology operates by a sequence of clicks, with visual input provided by the light source. With only a click, you may configure each light in a 1, 2, or 3 flash rhythm in any combo of the 20 selectable colors.

Pros of Emazing Lights

  • Pioneers in the market, Emazing LED products are a reliable source of LED goods.
  • With tense competition and a good reputation in the market, they offer the latest technology, and the products are quickly updated, giving the taste of the latest versions now and then.
  • The products come with a complete kit and have all you need to get started with a comprehensive “how to use”guide.

Cons of Emazing Lights

  • The users have often complained about the batteries running out too quickly.
  • The delivery services upset quite a few users, so it’s better to check on your product promptly as you order.

Who are Emazing Lights For?

With its light show gadgets, Emazing Lights is a consumer e-commerce service. The brand also offers light sticks, engineering glove sets, orbits, poi, and clothes. EmazingLights is dedicated to bringing Gloving into the future by conducting Gloving competitions, tutorials, and showcasing activities.

Their products are primarily for people in gloving and EDM industry. Also, if you love raving or want to vibe at neon parties, you can steal the show with some of the fascinating products Emazing offers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While Emazing is the leader in Gloving and Lightshows, some similar brands in the market have emerged as their competitors, such as FuturisticLights, GlofxEtsy and The Rave Cave.

Our Final Thoughts

Brian Lim debuted on the Shark Tank in 2015 with Emazing Lights, and his proposal blew the sharks away. He compelled all of the sharks to make attractive offers, according to Robert Herjavec, who declared him the most remarkable entrepreneur the program has ever had.

Lim agreed to a contract with Mark Cuban and Daymond John ($650,000 for 5% stock and a 20% fee on licensing transactions), and his business has developed significantly since then.

Lim now manages a crew of 50 full-time workers based in California, has 3,000 sq ft of inventory storage and is on course to earn more than $20 million in sales by the end of this year. He is the company’s only director and has kept a close eye on its operations.

Emazing is leading the market with its progressive approach and extensive product line.

The competitors will have to ace their game to beat the pioneers of the gloving industry.