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The Element Bars review will closely examine the customizable energy bars featured on Shark Tank. Read our in-depth review and find out how it fared after the Shark Tank episode.

What are Element Bars?

Element Bars allow people like you to personalize their energy bars online. These energy bars that you can customize as per your nutritional needs are then delivered to your doorstep. Hence, this is an intriguing concept that might appeal to you, especially if you are unsatisfied with mass-produced energy bars on store shelves.

You can opt for the freshest all-natural ingredients to be included in your Element Bars. You can choose to have personalized energy bars delivered to you that are customized exactly according to your needs and preferences.

Do you like chewy bars? If yes, you can go for these. Or perhaps you like a crispier texture. This again is something that you can easily select. Likewise, you can choose what nuts and fruits go into your bar.

You can control the sugar level according to what suits you best. You can track calories in your bars so that your energy needs are satisfied. Calorie tracking and control ensure that you don’t get more than what you need – something necessary for weight control.

These are the perks and privileges that you simply can’t dream of with ordinary mass-manufactured energy bars. With these, you just have to make do with what’s available. In other words, the manufacturer decides what you get.

And they often choose to put in harmful ingredients that are no doubt deleterious to your health like high-fructose corn syrup and artificial additives.

But with Element Bars you are in charge. Here you have the freedom to decide what goes into your bars. No need to put up with one-size-fits-all energy bars that won’t work for you.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are. What started out as a business selling just a few hundred bars each month has snowballed into a much larger production company that now sells hundreds of thousands of energy bars each month. Hence, the company has undergone meteoric growth and seen an exponential increase in its production volume.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The founder of Element Bars, John Miller, stepped into Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for 15 percent ownership in his enterprise. Kevin Harrington offered $150,000 in return for 30 percent plus 4% royalty, to which John agreed. However, the deal reportedly did not close.

Our Review of Element Bars

There are myriad options out there for energy bars. This might lull some into thinking that they have plenty of options out there. The truth is that consumers don’t have much choice in this seemingly competitive market. Most of them are invariably filled with a smorgasbord of awfully nasty ingredients that you can barely pronounce.

This includes highly toxic unnatural substances like hydrogenated vegetable oils that are known to cause cancer and which have a frighteningly long list of terrible health consequences. Energy bars are supposed to boost your health in addition to providing you with an energy surge that will get you through the day. Unfortunately, energy bars found in the market are full of scientifically-discredited ingredients that can spell disaster for your health.

In fact, the owner of Element Bars was inspired to create his own energy bars when he suffered a high-fructose corn syrup-induced crash soon after consuming one such energy bar. It did not take long for him to realize that these energy bars are a disaster and that customers deserve something much better, safer, and natural.

This is what inspired him to get into ‘build your own energy bars that ordinary customers like you can personalize with ease using their website. You the customer can choose what goes into your bars – this is a powerful motive for trying out these bars especially if you are health conscious and particular about the taste.

What we really liked about this brand is that they are willing to commit themselves to what you prefer, unlike others who agree only if your order meets a certain minimum order quantity which is invariably huge.

They also have good customer service that responds quickly to your queries and issues.

You can make your own bar by choosing the base ingredients for your bars. You can decide between 3 main textures – ‘datey’, ‘crispy’ and ‘oaty’. With the core ingredients selected, you can opt for various sweets, nuts, and fruits.

Health-conscious consumers will be pleased to know that there is also the option for selecting “Boosts” whereby you can choose to add nice big doses of antioxidants, fiber, and proteins to your energy bars.

They also put their experience at your disposal when you make your own bar. For example, if you choose to add too much protein to the oatey core, they will issue a warning because this can negatively impact the taste and texture.

As far as the taste department is concerned, a lot depends on what you decide to make. With the right mix of ingredients, it is very much possible to make great-tasting bars that are healthy for you and that have just the right amount of calories.

Pros and Cons of Element Bars

Element Bars Pros

  • Highly customizable
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Delicious

Element Bars Cons

  • Pricey

Who are Element Bars for?

Element Bars are for those who want greater control over what goes into their energy bars. If you are not satisfied with mass-produced bars that give you absolutely no choice over ingredients and calories, then you may want to opt for Element bars.

Are There Any Alternatives?


Our Final Thoughts

The Element Bars review gave you information on the energy bars that you can customize as per your needs. With these, you can choose to have highly personalized energy doorsteps delivered to you that best suit your culinary, nutritional, and caloric needs.