Dirty Cookie from Shark Tank

Dirty Cookie shark tank

Dirty Cookie is a fun and delicious snack that combines both cookies and kitchen utensils to give you the ultimate combination. These cookie glasses are made from thick stuffed cookies to make the glass sturdy and have a layer of chocolate inside to create a wall between the milk inside and the cookie outside.

Shahira Marei founded Dirty Cookie while she was on her journey of baking cookies and experimenting in the kitchen. Starting as a project manager in major companies, her passion led her to make a huge career change and quit her job. After coming across this idea on Pinterest, Shahira decided that this would be her next big thing. Experimenting with various cookie stuffing, she finally found the perfect way to keep these cookies together while using them as a glass.

The bestselling point of Dirty Cookie is that it turns a valuable kitchen utensil into an edible snack. It also makes the outer layer from cookies, which is a popular dessert in itself. People are more likely to buy her products since cookies are an all-time favorite and the concept of edible glasses is pretty fun.

Before coming to Shark Tank, Shahira was in debt and had to make more profits and automate her process. She intended to use the money from the Sharks investment to convert her cookie-making process from manual labor to an automatic and quick task done by machines. This would also help her meet the order deadlines and grow her business further.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are active and still in business. Their cookie cup shots can be bought on their website.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Shahira entered Shark Tank with an initial ask of $500,000 in exchange for 5% equity in her business.

She began her pitch by introducing the idea of an edible gift and presented her cookie shot glasses. The Sharks were then given samples, and Robert and Lori liked the taste. She moved on to the story of how she discovered this idea.

The pitch then moved to the valuation of her company. Shahira had a big profit and good cost margin; however, she still wasn’t making enough profits as the whole cookie-making process is done manually. She wanted to move to an automated process so that her company could keep up with all the orders while reducing the amount of human labor used.

Although she’s the sole owner, Shahira is half a million in debt. Mark was the first Shark to say he was out because he didn’t like how the capital was being managed. Kevin was out since he had concerns about the cost. Daymond followed, saying that the profit wasn’t good. Robert also went out as he thought the business had too many flaws.

Lori was the only Shark left, and she seemed interested. After seeing Shahira’s determination, Lori offered her $250,000 at 8% interest and $250,000 separately for 25% equity. Then, Robert was interested and offered her $500,000 for 30% equity. Lori then matched Robert’s offer with the $250,000 for 30% with her initial loan offer.

Finally, Robert dropped his offer to 25% and agreed to 15% if she sold $6 million. The deal was finalized.

Our Review of Dirty Cookie

We decided to try Dirty Cookie for ourselves and see how good or bad it tasted.

The cookie doesn’t get soggy from the milk, eliminating our main concern. The layer of chocolate inside protected the cookie, and the cookie itself was stuffed with filling to make it thick. After enjoying our beverage, the cookie glasses tasted delicious. There were also a few sprinkles on the rim to make them more festive.

Although these would be a tasty and fun holiday treat, they were expensive. These cookie shot glasses only came in half dozen or full dozen boxes, taking away our option of buying only one to try.

Pros and Cons of Dirty Cookie

Pros of Dirty Cookie:

  • Delicious stuffed chocolate cookies
  • Come in boxes of 6 and 12, making them perfect for families
  • The cookie doesn’t get soggy from the beverage inside
  • You can get them customized according to the occasion
  • They have vegan and kosher options available

Cons of Dirty Cookie:

  • Very expensive
  • Don’t come in single pieces

Who Is Dirty Cookie for?

Dirty Cookie shot glasses are perfect for people who love cookies and sweets in general. This holiday treat combines two of their favorite things into one.

This is also an excellent gift to send to someone or enjoy at home with your family. The cup part encourages kids to drink milk, making this even more helpful for parents.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Cookie Shot Glass Mold is a pack of six cookie shot molds. Although no substitutes exist for the Dirty Cookie shot glasses, you can use these molds for baking your own cookie shot glasses.

These molds are a good alternative if Dirty Cookie doesn’t deliver in your region, and this will provide a fun baking activity for you and your kids. This will save you money and allow you to customize your shot glasses however you want. These molds can also be used to make these shot glasses in bulk for parties or large family get-togethers.

Our Final Thoughts

Although some people might be skeptical about trying out edible glasses, one bite of these cookies will soon change their minds. These glasses are an excellent snack for people with a sweet tooth and for all those parents trying to encourage their kids to drink milk.

With their vegan and kosher options, these glasses can be the perfect holiday treat for everyone. Finally, their do-it-yourself kits also provide parents and children with fun activities.