Debbie Brooks Handbags from Shark Tank

Debbie Brooks Handbags shark tank

Debbie Brooks, who worked as a designer for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros, launched her own collection, The Debbie Brooks Handbags in 2002.

The Debbie Brooks Handbags is a line of unique and customizable handbags. These handbags come with detachable magnets (Magnafab). Customers can easily switch the accents on their Debbie Brooks handbags. The idea was to have multiple looks for your bags at a fraction  of a whole new item’s price.

Debbie Brooks handbags are made of high-quality Italian leather, with an eccentric and bold art style that has made her popular with A-list celebrities like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. Debbie Brooks puts considerable thought into her collection; from design to quality, nothing is compromised.

Debbie Brooks owns the business alongside her husband, Paul d’Auriac. The business gives great importance to art as an expression. This is visible in all the designs of Debbie Brooks handbags.

The bags are certainly on the pricier end. Most of the bags cost upwards of $300. The price is justified because of the bag’s high quality design and material.

Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank, Debbie Brooks Handbags were already famous and were successful in different jewelry stores in America.

Debbie Brooks and her husband wanted to open a Landmark shop in New York. They appeared on the third season of the show, asking for an investment of $540k for a 20% share in their business.

While the brand was artistic, the couple failed to impress the Sharks for reasons concerning the overvaluation of the business and issues with the patent. In conclusion, Debbie Brooks could not strike a deal with a single Shark.

Ever since their appearance on Shark Tank, Debbie Brooks collection has extended from handbags with magnetic fronts to an entire array of creative products. This includes pendants, charm bracelets, and even keychains. The brand has also launched a collection of phone and iPad covers as well.

Our Review of Debbie Brooks Handbags

The Debbie Brooks Handbags have a variety of artistic pieces. These handbags are individualistic in style. They are more than bags; they are works of art and statement pieces.

These bags are made from fine leather from Italy. This sets it apart from other local competitors.

Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tanks, Debbie Brooks Handbags have created a niche for itself. Customer reviews are mostly positive, and the clientele is mainly top celebrities. This makes the handbags a definite high-end product.

The business has also received great media coverage; CNN, The Today Show, E Style, People Magazine and other platforms have featured the bags.

Debbie Brooks has been in this business for a long time and even longer in this industry. She certainly knows the ins and outs of the business and has cleverly used effective marketing strategies to gain recognition for her handbags

From the looks of it, Debbie Brooks Handbags are still available for purchase.

Pros of Debbie Brooks Handbags

Some of the pros of Debbie Brooks Handbags are:

  1. The Magnafab lets the customers style a single bag in different ways for different occasions.
  2. Customers can either opt to order the Magnafab attached to the bag or choose a different one.
  3. Debbie Brooks Handbags are available in various boutiques, jewelry stores, and online marketplace.

Cons of Debbie Brooks Handbags

These artsy handbags are a hit amongst celebrities, but there are evident shortcomings that the owners could work on.

  1. The Debbie Brooks Handbags look incredible from the outside, but potential customers are left clueless about the inside of the bag. How many pockets the bag has, what is the material from the inside, etc.There is no image or description provided on their website about this.
  2. Their website does not claim to be cruelty-free. Some of the Debbie Brooks bags also have snakeskin embossed on them. Supporters of animal rights would never endorse such products and discourage others as well.
  3. Today people are thrifting more than ever, and the prices of these bags are absurdly high. Not many people would purchase Debbie Brooks Handbags despite the design flexiblity.

Who is Debbie Brooks Handbags for?

Debbie Brooks Handbags are for the artistic people. These bags are not classic pieces or essentials, but they are show-stoppers.

Bags by Debbie Brooks are not likely to be famous amongst teenagers because of its unique and bizarrely interesting style.

These bags have become famous amongst celebrities, which highlights the kind of consumer market Debbie Brooks Handbags are made for. This has helped the brand establish itself as a high-end brand.

Are there any alternatives?

In the fashion industry, there are endless alternatives available for handbags. Different companies create different types of bags. And customers can buy other bags at a lower price as well. But there are no well-known alternatives to the handbags that Debbie Brooks makes.

What makes them unique is the Magnafab that they create and sell with their handbags. Debbie Brooks Handbags give your bags a unique style and a constant room for changing the personality of your bag.

The consumer market for bags is generally varied. Some customers would pay anything for the individuality a brand offers. People channel their personality and express themselves through the choice of their outfit and accessories. However, somep are satisfied with a lower price tag.  Any brand that has the slightest capacity to be flexible can be considered an alternative such as bags where straps can be changed with chains, or bags where changing the length of the strap can make a slim crossbody bag into an evening clutch.

Final Thoughts

The Debbie Brooks Handbags have the potential to grow even more popular. These bags are unique, and had Barbara Corcoran been available on the panel of Sharks, there is a possibility that Debbie Brooks Handbags would have impressed her, and the couple would have gone home with a deal in their favor. However, that doesn’t seem to be too big a loss since the handbags are already swinging from the arms of many celebrities and that is marketing capital like no other.