Dadware Bondaroo from Shark Tank

Dadware Bondaroo shark tank

Nick Baker designed Dadware Bondaroo to make it easier for dads to bond with their newborns. Kangaroo shirts or nursing shirts were available for mothers for a long time, but this is a new concept for fathers. When Nick’s daughter Eva was born, his wife endured rather painful labor.

After birth, she was so traumatized that she wasn’t ready to hold the baby to her chest, as newborn babies are usually held. The skin-to-skin touch is reassuring to the newborn and helps the mother and baby bond.

But Nick’s wife also didn’t want the baby’s firstborn experience to be negative, so she handed the baby to Nick. Nick took off his shirt and nuzzled the baby to his chest. Once Nick got home, he continued to place his newborn on his chest. However, to do so, he kept having to take off his shirt. Tired of taking off his shirt all the time, he also tried cutting holes in his t-shirt to provide skin-to-skin access.

This gave Nick the idea that why not design a t-shirt that makes it easier for them to bond with their newborn? This shirt made the profound experience of kangaroo care possible for fathers. Nicknamed this unique shirt the ‘Dadware Bondaroo’ after the nickname he gave his daughter. He called his daughter his ‘little bugaroo’ and thus concocted the word ‘Bondaroo’ based on this.

The Dadware Bondaroo has a Velcro flap around the neck that can open and close, thus exposing the wearer’s chest when needed. The Velcro fasteners around the neck are rounded, so there are no sharp corners to poke the baby. The Dadware Bondaroo enables skin-to-skin contact with dads and their babies.

This makes it possible for dads to bond with their newborn easily. The shirt is manufactured in Los Angeles from French terry cloth. It consists of 82% polyester, 15% rayon, and 3% spandex. The spandex helps the shirt maintain its shape. The shirt retains its original consistency and shape after being repeatedly used and stretched with the infant.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Nick Baker appeared on Shark Tank season 11, Episode 23, and introduced his kangaroo care shirt, the ‘Dadware Bondaroo.’ Nick entered seeking $100,000 from the sharks for 20% of his business. Nick gave an energetic pitch and explained the circumstances that led him to invent this product. Nick wanted the shark’s investment to broaden the distribution of his product.

However, the sharks were not happy with Nick’s sales figure for the year, and they also struggled to see the relevancy of the product. Unfortunately for Nick, the sharks decided to back out from investing, and Nick departed from the show without securing a deal. Nick got visibly emotional near the end and vowed to strive to take his business forward no matter what.

Is Keyword an Active Company?

Presently, Dadware Bondaroo is still an active company. The company has made over $300,000 in sales and has touched many lives. According to entrepreneur Nick, Dadware Bondaroo has also achieved a great market response. It has received outstanding reviews online as well as on social media. The company also plans on expanding its current line by adding new options of fabrics, colors, and styles.

Our Review of Dadware Bondaroo

Pros of Dadware Bondaroo

  • The product empowers fathers to become actively involved in their baby’s care. It also encourages bonding between the father and the baby early on.
  • The product lets the father provide emotional support to the baby due to skin-to-skin contact. This contact also makes the baby feeler calmer.
  • By keeping their newborns close to them, fathers also become intuitively aware of their baby’s signs of worry or hunger.
  • Moms can get better sleep and recover after giving birth to the baby.
  • These shirts also help stabilize the baby’s body temperature and regulate its heart rate.
  • These shirts make it easier for the baby to transition from fetal to neonatal life.

Cons of Keyword

  • Some users have stated that the shirt’s design could have been much better.

Who Is Keyword for?

The Dadware Bondaroo is for all new dads out there. These shirts enable fathers to bond with their babies early on and actively participate in the baby’s care process. Fatherhood is a part of a man’s identity; these days, fathers play a larger role in a child’s life.

Many fathers also take paternity leave to be more involved with their babies. Kangaroo care is an important part of bonding between parents and children, and Bondaroo is the perfect tool for that. This product is specially designed to grip your child in your arms easily and cuddle for as long as you like.

Each Dadware Bondaroo shirt is priced at #39.99 are available in various sizes. The shirts are made in charcoal and navy blue; however, the brand is working on releasing the shirts in more colors and styles.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many products like the Dadware Bondaroo but none that entirely match its qualities. This shirt is unique because no sling is holding the baby. Instead, you are holding the baby yourself, which encourages the bond between you and your baby. This ensures you table an active role in your baby’s care and become an involved parent early on.

Our Final Thoughts

With an increasing number of fathers taking paternity leaves and actively involved in their babies’, the Dadware Bondaroo is a thoughtful baby product. This comfortable garment helps dads bond and care for their babies and develop a close bond with them. This shirt is an excellent method to get fathers involved in caring for their babies at no huge cost.