Crispy Cones Review from Shark Tank: A Bite into the Business Buzz

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Crispy Cones, a company founded by Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, captured public interest with their pitch on Shark Tank. During the show, they presented their unique offering: soft-serve ice cream served in fresh, rotisserie-grilled dough cones. This innovative twist on the traditional ice cream cone intrigued both the Sharks and the audience, leading to heightened curiosity about the brand and its products.

Following their appearance on the show, the business saw significant growth and public engagement. Their journey on Shark Tank not only provided a boost in visibility but also injected investment into the company to scale operations. Eager customers and curious food enthusiasts are drawn to the taste and textural experience that Crispy Cones delivers, demonstrating a successful intersection of culinary creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Crispy Cones intrigued Shark Tank viewers with their novel ice cream cones.
  • The brand experienced growth post their Shark Tank appearance.
  • Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson’s product offers a unique twist on ice cream.

The Crispy Cones Journey on Shark Tank

Upon entering the Shark Tank, the founders of Crispy Cones presented their unique dessert business with confidence, aiming to sweeten the deal with the sharks for strategic investment.

Sharks’ Initial Impressions

The sharks were intrigued by the Crispy Cones concept — a franchise specializing in a novel take on soft-serve ice cream, where the cones are made from rotisserie-grilled dough. Sharks like Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec were impressed with the taste and the street dessert’s popularity, originally hailing from Prague. The initial reactions focused on the product’s quality, branding, and potential for scalability.

The Investment Deal with Barbara Corcoran

Out of all the investors, it was Barbara Corcoran who saw the most potential in Crispy Cones. After deliberating the company’s valuation, which was based on their reported revenue, she offered $200,000 for a 10% equity stake. This deal highlighted Crispy Cones’ significant growth prospects and confirmed Barbara’s belief in their business model and the dessert’s market appeal.

Crispy Cones Product Overview

Crispy Cones has captivated dessert enthusiasts with its unique approach to serving gourmet soft-serve ice cream. They are known for their flavorful, fresh dough cones with a variety of toppings, establishing a presence as a novel dessert option originally from Europe.

Unique Flavor Profiles and Toppings

The innovation that sets Crispy Cones apart lies in their Unique Flavor Profiles and Toppings. Each cone is crafted from fresh dough and grilled rotisserie-style, offering a warm, crispy texture that complements the cold, creamy soft-serve ice cream. Customers can choose from classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, or indulge in specialty options such as cinnamon and sugar or the rich, chocolaty Nutella. For the cookie lovers, the Oreo-infused cone is a crowd-pleaser, with the cookies’ distinct flavor enhancing the overall experience. Those with a penchant for more adventurous tastes might opt for cones dusted with cookie butter or peanut butter crumbs, solidifying Crispy Cones as a leader in gourmet dessert experiences.

Expansion into Franchising

After capturing the hearts of many in Eastern Europe, Crispy Cones is now expanding into franchising, aiming to spread the joy of their crispy cones across different locations. This strategic move into franchising allows entrepreneurs to become a part of the Crispy Cones family and bring these innovative soft-serve ice cream products to more markets. The franchise model not only shares the delightful flavors and toppings of their European-inspired dessert but also replicates the immersive customer experience that Crispy Cones is known for. Through franchising, they are poised to introduce a taste of Europe’s gourmet street-style desserts to a broader audience.

Business Growth and Customer Experience

Crispy Cones has seen substantial growth since its feature on Shark Tank, marked by increased consumer interest and an expansion of their outlets. Customers have been pivotal to the brand’s journey, sharing their experiences through various channels.

Social Media Engagement and Marketing

Instagram and Facebook have become vital platforms for Crispy Cones, enabling the brand to cultivate a community of ice cream lovers. Engagements on these platforms have allowed the company to reach patrons in Idaho, Rexburg, Logan, Utah, and beyond, even stretching out to desserts enthusiasts in Chandler, Arizona. The digital footprint of Crispy Cones continues to grow, thanks to a strategy that highlights their unique product offerings and company milestones.

  • Instagram Highlights:

    • New flavor announcements
    • Behind-the-scenes content
    • Customer reposts
  • Facebook Strategies:

    • Interactive posts and polls
    • Store event promotions
    • Customer testimonials

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Genuine reviews from customers have peppered various digital platforms, including the Digital Journal. Feedback trends indicate that the unique taste and creativity behind Crispy Cones’ soft-serve ice cream, paired with their signature rotisserie-grilled dough cones, have resonated well with their customer base.

On the other hand, there’s always room for improvement. A few patrons have mentioned a desire for more locations, particularly in areas outside of the brand’s current reach.

  • Areas for Growth Based on Feedback:
    • Expanded presence in other states
    • Diverse flavor offerings for varying palates

Behind the Brand

Crispy Cones has swiftly become a beloved name in the small business community, with roots extending from a creative concept in Rexburg, Idaho. This section sheds light on the founders who brought Crispy Cones into the spotlight on Shark Tank and explores their commitment to both their community and the solid values their business stands upon.

Founders’ Background and Vision

Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, the founders of Crispy Cones, have planted their business firmly within the entrepreneurial soil of Rexburg, Idaho. As students at Brigham Young University-Idaho, they harnessed their educational insights and personal drive to craft an innovative food experience. They envisioned a product that would blend convenience without skimping on taste or quality. After their appearance on Shark Tank and the subsequent investment, the duo extended their entrepreneurial journey to Logan, Utah, likely influenced by the supportive environment and proximity to Utah State University.

Community Involvement and Brand Values

The Carlsons place great importance on being actively involved with their community. They have incorporated principles demonstrated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including service and community outreach, into their business model, reflecting strong brand values centered around family and unity. Through Crispy Cones, they aim to build a business that resonates on a personal level with their customers, embodying the close-knit community spirit of both Idaho and Utah. Their joint vision and net worth continue to soar as they deepen their engagement with local residents and fellow small business enthusiasts.