CoyoteVest from Shark Tank

CoyoteVest shark tank

The pet industry has seen numerous trends over the past few decades. While pets are becoming increasingly in demand, so are their major accessories. However, these accessories mainly focus on aesthetics instead of much-needed protection.

Pets are gaining importance and status as family members nowadays. And losing a pet to a predator attack is just as hurtful as losing a close loved one. Therefore, pet owners, mainly small dog owners, seek protective armor against predator attacks on their small dogs.

Paul Mott had also been in a similar situation and had lost his pet Buffy in a coyote attack. This incident happened when his small dog had run away, and it wasn’t until hours later that he and his wife could find their small dog. Paul was devastated by the death of his furry friend and went through a period of grief.

CoyoteVest is a company that Paul started after significantly thinking about protecting small dogs against major predator attacks. The company handmade coyote vests that were strong, sturdy and stab-resistant to delay predator attacks. CoyoteVest also designed removable spike patches to keep the predators away with the shiny spiky look of the vest.

The couple appeared on Shark Tank’s Season 10 seeking an investment of $250K in exchange for 10% equity in their company. They wanted their product to reach the masses and help other small dogs protect themselves against the predators’ surprise attacks. Paul didn’t want another small dog owner to suffer from what he went through. Hence, he needed help with streamlining the process of product manufacturing and supply chain.

The couple appeared on Shark Tank and introduced their business. They also shared their story with the sharks, with which every shark sympathized. The couple also shared their vision regarding CoyoteVest.

Paul and Pamela also made sure the sharks got to assess the quality of CoyoteVest products and appreciate the design of the vests. Sharks were impressed and curious about the business. The couple also shared their past sales, which were close to $600K.

While the sharks loved the business idea, none of the sharks made an offer. Mark liked businesses that could carry forward on their own. However, CoyoteVest needed attention which made Mark not the fittest investor; he was out.

Kevin didn’t see the value of his investment in the business as he didn’t know how to help the business move forward; he was out. Lori loved the business and found CoyoteVest interesting. However, she didn’t feel too passionate about the subject and announced she was out.

Robert thought the business was doing well on its own and didn’t need much help. Hence, he thought seeking an investor wouldn’t be the wisest decision for CoyoteVest and announced he was out while advising the couple to keep going on their own. Daymond was the only shark remaining, and the couple was hopeful of getting a deal as Daymond had experience in the fashion industry.

Daymond thought of CoyoteVest as an interesting but risky investment. The company was at a pivotal stage, and Daymond didn’t think it would be the wisest decision to invest in a company that could tilt moving forward. He announced he was out.

CoyoteVest didn’t get a deal. However, the exposure helped surge their sales and attract valued customers.

Our Review of CoyoteVest

CoyoteVest has turned out to be a remarkable business, building its customer base or community in a short period. While the business was thriving on its own, the Shark Tank appearance has turned it into a recognized business nationwide despite not having a shark to support them on its venture. Today, CoyoteVest is making over a million dollars in annual revenue.

The incredible design and sturdy material of the vests that have proven beneficial for small dogs have kept numerous small dog owners coming back. Other accessories that CoyoteVest is known for selling have also gained a lot of traction as they serve for protective purposes against other major predators such as hawks.

The company’s incredible customer service and fast shipping have also made the customers happy with the business and made CoyoteVest reputable and trustworthy.

Pros of CoyoteVest

In a short time, CoyoteVest has found a community of small dog owners who are protective of their furry friends and need a sustainable solution against major predator attacks. The company’s incredible design and mind-blowing customer service gave CoyoteVest a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • CoyoteVest is made from sturdy material that keeps small dogs safe from coyote attacks.
  • The stab-resistant technology ensures small dogs are safe from the claws and jaws of wild animals.
  • CoyoteVest comes in different sizes to adjust to all small dogs regardless of their build.
  • CoyoteVest also has an adjustable waist belt to help loosen or tighten the armor.
  • Customers can attach the spiky D-ring with the leash to avoid extra accessories.
  • CoyoteVests are available in numerous colors, making small dogs appear more cute and fashionable.
  • The removable spikes keep the coyotes and other predators away from small dogs.
  • The removable whiskers also serve the same purpose and keep the predators at bay.
  • CoyoteVest has worked perfectly for protecting small dogs against attacks from the big fierce dogs, mainly at the beach.
  • CoyoteVest works to delay the surprise attacks and give enough time for small dogs to flee the scene.
  • The shiny spikes also keep numerous predators away just from the design.
  • The lightweight vests are breathable and let dogs continue their playtime activities.
  • The CoyoteVest website is user-friendly and allows customers to navigate the shop without any unnecessary stops.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of CoyoteVest

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of CoyoteVest:

  • Some customers find that CoyoteVest doesn’t do much to protect their dog overall, making the product somewhat ineffective or useless.
  • CoyoteVest is for a niche market and doesn’t serve other pets who can use similar body armor against predators.

Who Is CoyoteVest For?

CoyoteVest is perfect for all small dog owners who want to keep their dogs protected against coyote attacks. The sturdy material protects the dogs against coyote bites, while the removable spikes ensure a coyote doesn’t attack your dog in the first place. The whiskers that can be attached to the vest’s back also keep other brutal predators away from your small dogs.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you’re looking for another brand that provides protective gear for small dogs who cannot protect themselves against predator attacks, you will find PredatorBWear extremely helpful.

The protective harness keeps the predators away, while the hollow plastics inserted in the vests ensure predators cannot catch your small dogs with their claws or jaws. The removable spikes keep the predators away, whereas the spiky collar ensures your dog’s most vulnerable body part is safe and protected.

The whiskers sold by CoyoteVest for an extra layer of protection against other types of predators make the company stand out.

Our Final Thoughts

CoyoteVest has shown promising growth, ensuring that the business will continue to work on expanding its product line and make tremendous progress as a business. The company’s unique products designed for a niche market have made it stand out from other brands known mainly for selling clothing items for dogs and other animals. CoyoteVest will continue to make its mark in the future, and we’d see the business in the future.