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CoolPeds shark tank

Scooters provide an easier mode of transportation than the metro, bus, or cab. Due to an increasing concern over environmental pollution and the impact of our decisions on the plant, people are now switching to eco-friendly vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint on the plant. Tony Chan, motivated to provide a sustainable, reliable, affordable, and green mode of transportation, came up with the idea of CoolPeds. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, practical, and stylish way of transport, CoolPeds is just what you need. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the product!

CoolPeds is a company that produces lightweight, eco-friendly vehicles powered by electricity that are both stylish and practical. Whether you want to go to the train station, around your college campus, or even to the boarding gate of an airport, you can do so on your CoolPed scooter without having to manage a heavy backpack. This scooter has a removable battery that you can charge from virtually anywhere. You can also charge your phone on the scooter using a USB port.

The scooter’s weight is under 11 Pounds, making it one of the lightest scooters in the world. What sets CoolPeds apart from regular scooters is that it contains a briefcase or carry-on luggage on the steering post, making it easy for you to commute with heavy luggage. Since the scooter is also bus and subway friendly, getting around the city is super convenient as you can fold and carry it anywhere.

The CoolPeds scooter is also street legal in many jurisdictions, provided you have the appropriate license and a helmet. You can cover a distance of 5 miles on a single battery recharge on this fantastic scooter. Moreover, it also allows you to travel at a speed of between 7 to 15 miles per hour and consists of electric braking, which enables the battery to be charged when you brake.

Tony got things rolling through crowdsourcing on IndieGoGo and raised capital of over 40,000 dollars in just three years. After spending considerable time in research and development, Tony finally developed a prototype. Since his product got a positive response from the market, he began accepting deposits for orders later in the same year.

Soon, Tony began looking for additional investors to expand its operations. He then appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of 250,000 dollars in exchange for a 5% ownership of CoolPeds.

He made an entrance riding his scooter and was successful in getting the attention of the Sharks, who were very impressed by his idea. The Sharks unanimously agreed on how convenient it would be to travel to the airport. One thing that the Sharks were not pleased with was the high price tag and production cost of the vehicle and thus had doubts about it surviving in this brutally competitive market. Although all the Sharks appreciated Tony’s spirit, they did not agree to invest in his company, and Tony had to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

Final deal: no deal was finalized between CoolPeds and the Sharks.

Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank, CoolPeds remains functional and continues to produce eco-friendly electric scooters. The appearance on Shark Tank did help CoolPeds get a lot of free publicity. Eventually, Tony considered the Sharks’ advice and reduced the price of a scooter by a considerable margin to make it more affordable.

If you are wondering whether CoolPed is still in business, we are happy to share that they are doing quite well despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank. CoolPeds’ website is also up and running, where you can directly purchase their goods.

Our Review of CoolPeds

CoolPeds is an electrically powered eco-friendly scooter that provides a dependable, enjoyable, and inexpensive way of transportation. The vehicle only weighs around 16 lbs., making it one of the lightest modes of transport in the world. This amazing scooter provides a fashionable and functional way to get around the city.

The lightweight design of CoolPeds makes it the perfect choice for metropolitan commuting since it can easily be transported by Subway or Bus. Moreover, a single battery charge can give you up to 5 km on the scooter. Also, the battery is really easy to remove and can essentially be charged at any place. You can also charge your phone using the USB connector attached to the scooter while you are out and about.

What’s great about this scooter is that it has a backpack or carry-on luggage attached to its front, allowing you to move around with heavy luggage quickly. The scooter is made from superior quality materials making it highly durable and reliable.

Furthermore, this patented electric scooter can fold into a compact briefcase allowing you to carry it even when traveling around the world since it meets the requirement of most airlines.

Pros of CoolPeds

  • CoolPeds has a maximum speed of 10 mph and a range of up to 8 Miles.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and weighs around 16 lbs.
  • The scooter comes with a USB charging port that allows you to charge your phone while on the go.
  • It has multiple storage compartments in the front and a separate cushioned laptop compartment.
  • It has durable polyurethane wheels.
  • It has a detachable Lithium battery that only requires to be charged for 2 to 3 hours.

Cons of CoolPeds

  • The biggest con of this scooter is that any returns are charged a 30% restocking fee, and the customer also has to bear the shipping cost.
  • Their orders take between 1 to 3 weeks to ship during holiday seasons.

Who is CoolPeds for?

CoolPeds is for anyone looking for a fashionable, dependable, eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Are there Any Alternatives?

CoolPeds is a one-of-a-kind product, and so far, we have not found any alternatives for this fashionable and practical mode of transportation.

Our Final Thoughts

If you ask us, there is no better way to commute while reducing emissions than riding the CoolPed scooter. Whether you are traveling to work, to the airport, or simply want to make a quick stop at the grocery store, this reliable, eco-friendly, and ultra-lightweight mode of transportation is the best way to travel green!