Codi Robot from Shark Tank

Codi Robot shark tank

Robots and artificial intelligence have been around for a while now. However, with gradual advancement in this technological facet of science, it is always a surprise when researchers and engineers build something new, and it works. For intake, the little round disks we have come to love called Roombas – may have gone about cleaning the room in minutes, but it wasn’t until the robot went mainstream that people welcomed it in their daily life.

Such was the case with William Mock, Chris Oslebo, and Dayu Yang. The genius trio had come together to develop an educational robot called Codi. However, Dayu Yang and Chris Oslebo were initially co-founding partners for their Pillar Learning company. And for quite some time, they were simply conducting research before they started developing Codi. But they knew that their invention might not find any love from the audience unless Codi was made popular.

That is when they decided that William Mock, a kindergarten teacher, should join them in their pursuit of developing an educational robot. So that all of their shortcomings are addressed head-on with someone experienced in the consumer field. Now when Codi was ready, the flagship robot became a mascot for their company, and they were eager to take it further. Their idea was to help parents leverage the newest technology for their children’s educational needs.

That is when they decided that they should head to Shark Tank for significant funding to keep reserves in the cycle and a concurrent business mind to handle product distribution and marketing. That’s when the Codi Robot by Pillar Learning trio showed up at Shark Tank with their cute little range of colorful educational robots. Their pitch started with a decorative array of robots and an offer of $500,000 in exchange for 10% business equity.

The trio was confident that they had a strong product at hand, even without any significant sales figures or revenue pointers. So they began by explaining how Codi Robot by Pillar Learning works. Codi is an 8.5 inches little guy that has been made to have big eyes and AI-enabled voice learning algorithms. That’s how the robot interacts with each kid individually. For instance, the content it delivers will vary as per every child’s interest and what their parents wish for it too.

To put it simply, your Codi would sing you songs, recite poems, tell stories, help you clean the room, and accompany you to brush your teeth, among other things. But all of this would be unique from person to person. That’s how Codi steps one huge leap forward over all the other generic toys that sing the same songs at the press of a button and need to be carried around to keep you company. But with Codi, your parents can teach you what they want, how they want.

Hence, Codi Robot by Pillar Learning comes with a designated app for the parents’ phones to operate Codi. Other than that, you can personalize your Codi however you want with the plushy pajama sets that come with it. So you can dress up your Codi and interact with it at all times. Outfits are available alongside the toy as well. Making it an overall justified price range for parents to avail such an intelligent toy robot for their kids.

After the Pillar Learning trio laid out all this information, it was time for the sharks to attack, who were, up until now, listening carefully. Lori was the first to step down, citing that the toy market is competitive and Codi is a toy. This was followed up by all of the judges dropping out one by one for one reason or another. But the trio didn’t give up and kept selling till Robert made a comeback and offered $500,000 for a 25% share, and they accepted.

Today, you can find Codi Robot by Pillar Learning thriving on their official website, Pillar Learning. The little guy Codi has become their official mascot, and the company is known for creating this cute, intelligent toy for kids, parents, and teachers. You can find their Codi Robot range on Amazon too. Safe to say, the show’s hype and Robert’s comeback with the funding did wonders for Pillar Learning as it continues to succeed today.

Our Review of Codi Robot by Pillar

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Codi Robot by Pillar from Amazon. It looks incredibly futuristic without taking away the child-like innocence from the face of the toy, thanks to its big, beady eyes. The addition of the pajama plushy makes it ten times better, given that you can dress it up like a regular toy while it functions like the AI robot it is. The latest design also includes its side panels or ears lighting up like a little lamp.

Pros of Codi Robot by Pillar

  • It is an Artificial Intelligence backed educational robot toy.
  • It has three content-based playlists, one for songs, one for stories, and one for calming music to sleep or meditate to.
  • It has a real voice expressive algorithm, so it doesn’t sound robotic.
  • It doesn’t play any advertisement clips at all.
  • All data stores are encrypted and secured.
  • You can add the cutest machine-washable pajamas and outfits to your Codi wardrobe.

Cons of Codi Robot by Pillar

  • It is a toy, after all.
  • It is subjective to every kid’s reference and liking with such toys.
  • It is limited to specific age groups.
  • It is on the expensive side of being a toy, though high-tech.

Who Is Codi Robot by Pillar For?

The Codi Robot by Pillar Learning has been marketed as an educational robot toy. The three major groups consumers it targets are primarily children and vis-à-vis parents and teachers. Of course, children can only be attracted to a toy. They don’t know how good it is for them or what features it entails. So parents and teachers can assess those factors for them.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many interactive toy alternatives, but nothing has become as popular as Codi Robot by Pillar Learning. It is not only the mascot for Pillar Learning but a benchmark at this point where every AI toy is compared to it and somehow falls short. Hence, you may be able to find other options to choose from, but Codi will always hail supreme for your kids.

Our Final Thoughts

It is unfortunate and shameful that initially, the Shark Tank judges had not realized the potential of Codi Robot by Pillar Learning. They had simply quitted the trio, leaving them hanging to keep on selling even when they were so confident in their product. Safe to say, failures are only those that give up in the face of adversity. Codi certainly fought back and is successful now.