CO.ALITION from Shark Tank

CO.ALITION shark tank

CO.ALITION is a backpack with a built-in charging system. It also has its own charging cable and a hard drive containing your documents and images. The hard drive is wifi enabled.

The ingenious product was the creation of two experts, Jeff Pop and Casey Lorenzen. The idea was to keep all your mobile devices charged no matter where you went. Initially, Jeff and Casey already had a backpack business, but that was marketed to people who loved staying outdoors or frequently went on hiking trips. The business was doing pretty well, and Jeff and Casey were able to make a considerable amount of money from it, even though all their marketing was done through word of mouth.

Jeff and Casey were pretty happy with their business; however, one trip to Japan made them want to create an entirely new product, but not too far from the line of their original business. They created another backpack; only this one was infused with technology.

The idea popped when they saw people carrying mobile devices in their bags. They had a fresh vision and could turn that vision into a reality. But, of course, they also need the necessary funding to create lots. That’s when they started a Kickstarter campaign. The goal was to gather $10,000, but they exceeded the amount and received more than $20,000. That was a huge success, and afterward, Jeff and Casey decided to go to Shark Tanks to pitch their idea.

They offered 20 percent of the company’s stakes for a $200,000 investment. The idea was to keep your smartphone or any other mobile device charged wherever you go, as most of us are addicted to technology and always need at least our phones with us.

Jeff and Casey claimed that besides charging their smartphones, the technology-infused backpack also kept your device from running out of space.

The backpack could be charged by plugging it into any socket. Plus, it comes with a hard drive that acts as a personal cloud device storing music, documents, and images. Moreover, the files were accessible all the time, but they weren’t connected to any other devices.

According to Jeff, they had already sold 500 units of bags in the seven months they had before coming to Shark Tanks; however, their product wasn’t patented, which bore the risk of their technology being copied.

After a lengthy discussion, Jeff and Casey failed to impress any of the Sharks. They even offered 30 percent of the shares of both their businesses for a $300,000 investment. Still, they failed to catch a deal; however, they still managed to get great feedback because of the show’s popularity.

Their stylish and innovative backpack still retails in online stores and social media pages today.

Our Review of CO.ALITION

The CO.ALITION backpack is an innovative and convenient solution for people constantly on the go. It has its own charging system and charging cord. Moreover, it comes with a wifi-enabled hard drive, offering access to files at all times. Even though the Sharks rejected the idea, the business gained much positive attention after the episode aired. Here’s our review on CO.ALITION.


Let’s look at all the pros of CO.ALITION backpacks.

  • Easily accessible and TSA-friendly, making them perfect for long travels
  • It can carry laptops up to 15 inches, and the sleeve unzips easily to ensure the bag lays flat without any need to remove it from the backpack
  • Shoulder straps and back with cushioning and compression-molded foam for added comfort when carrying the bag
  • Capable of carrying heavy weights
  • The main component is spacious and has an organization sleeve for finding your stuff easily
  • The charging system and charging cable are built into the backpack
  • The bag can be plugged directly into the wall for charging instead of separating different components
  • It comes with a top-grab handle for added convenience
  • Built-in hard drive for storing documents, music, and images. All files are accessible at all times
  • Keeps your phone and other devices charged without making them run out of memory


Now that you’re aware of all the advantages of owning a CO.ALITION backpack, let’s look at some of its downsides as well. Here are all the cons of using this product:

  • It is an expensive product
  • The memory-saving feature does not apply to Apple products
  • Lack of color variety in backpacks
  • It cannot hold laptops over 15 inches

Who is CO.ALITION for?

CO.ALITION is for the entire new generation addicted to technology who can’t keep away from using their phone for even a minute. Anyone who goes out for university, school, office, or any other purpose can benefit from this bag by keeping their devices charged. It is also a laptop bag, so it’s perfect for office workers, business people, and students.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since the CO.ALITION didn’t get its design patented, countless charging backpacks are available on the market today. One of the best alternatives to CO.ALITION is the Bobby anti-theft charging backpack by XD Designs. It is anti-cut because of the high-performance fabric used in the exterior and comes with hidden zippers to keep your bag safe from pickpockets and thieves. Inside the bag, there’s a built-in charging system to keep your devices charged at all times.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though the CO.ALITION backpack failed to pique the interests of the Sharks on the Shark Tanks show, Jack and Casey received positive feedback due to their appearance on the show. They established a stable business, and their backpacks still sell like hot cakes on various online platforms. However, since they didn’t get their design patented, there are many alternatives, and their product’s competition increases with each passing day. Today, there are so many brands that offer the same technology that the CO.ALITION offers. In fact, some are even more advanced.