Classroom Jams from Shark Tank

Classroom Jams shark tank

Classroom Jams was founded by Marc Furigay, who had the idea to create a record company that specialized in producing learning material for pupils so they could learn from the best classic pieces of literature.

You can expect to become educated in a variety of disciplines, including history and science, which are available in audio form.

Audio learning is a recent development that has shown a lot of promise, as is apparent by the rise of podcasts and other listening platforms.

People can access lectures and debates on topics of interest to further their thinking and expand their knowledge, serving as a form of education.

Some of the classic pieces of literature the company focuses on are the works of Shakespeare, which is typically taught as English literature.

The founder has a background in teaching English, which spurred him to create this company and make reading materials available for just about anyone.

The listening courses are available in 30 compact CDs, which can be listened to in your car or media device, making learning a convenient experience for everyone.

Marc entered Shark Tank seeking a 250,000 USD investment for a 10% share in the company, which is a little ridiculous.

After making his pitch to the sharks, he attempts to woo them by demonstrating a musical piece and revealing that his company is also an instructional music workshop.

Although Marc owns the rights to all the music tracks, he does not want to relinquish ownership of the tracks to the sharks, which Kevin finds infuriating since the business’ worth is in the tracks.

Kevin makes a bold move and asks Marc to leave the room so the sharks can consult with each other.

Kevin proposes the sharks team up together and collaborate to ensure they receive ownership of the tracks, which everyone agrees to.

The tracks are sold for 500 USD to schools, providing them an opportunity to upgrade their education.

Kevin likes the idea of the business and thinks it’s quite promising and offers Marc a deal for full publication rights and 5% royalty on the songs.

Marc does not want to give up operating his own business and wants to retain some stock, which leads to a counteroffer.

Robert offers Marc the chance to rebuy 49% of the company at any time, but Marc still doesn’t budge.

Eventually, they agree to let Marc own 51% of the firm, which Marc finally decides is worth it.

Our Review of Classroom Jams

After searching for updates on Classroom Jams, it quickly became clear that the firm is no longer operational.

Marc received an offer from a large educational publisher but still went out of business.

You can only find the CDs by visiting Marc’s LinkedIn profile and following the link.

There is also a website with a non-functional shop that leads to the product.

However, there is no social media presence whatsoever, and the products cannot be found anywhere significant.

Marc has changed his job since appearing on Shark Tank and teaches material on media and technology.

He still sells pieces of classic literature in CD form for 9.99 USD, such as Shakespeare, Hamlet, Macbeth, and more.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, he switched to remote learning to give students an opportunity to not forsake their education but quickly rejoined the classroom in 2021.

Pros of Classroom Jams

Some of the pros of Classroom Jams are described below.

  • Classroom Jams provides an opportunity for students to learn about classic pieces of literature in an audio learning format.
  • His products were popular because they reiterated what students were learning in the classroom in audio form.
  • There is a significant market for audio learning in this day and age, making Classroom Jams pretty credible.

Cons of Classroom Jams

Some of the cons of Classroom Jams are described below.

  • Classroom Jams is a little expensive to afford by yourself, which is why it mainly captured the interest of schools.
  • The products weren’t good enough to make the company last.

Who is Classroom Jams For?

Classroom Jams sells CDs to schools and individuals that want to improve their education and learn from someone very experienced in teaching classic literature.

It mostly appeals to English literature students but also to those interested in history and culture and how the past influenced the future.

Audio learning is a format that is becoming increasingly popular these days, and people are opting for this learning method because it is more convenient.

You can play the CD in your car or on your media device, making it possible for you to learn on the go.

With the rise of podcasts on Youtube, people have become more receptive to hearing other people speak about informative topics to expand their knowledge, which has expanded the market of audio learning.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no competitors for Classroom Jams since it is pretty unique, but you can expect to find informational content on every single piece of classic literature if you browse the Internet.

Youtube has hundreds of channels dedicated to audio learning, and you will definitely find informational material on classic literature.

Our Final Thoughts

Classroom Jams was a promising venture undertaken by Marc, which quickly became apparent when the sharks collaborated to offer a deal.

There were instances of annoyance when the sharks realized that Marc was not prepared to offer ownership of his tracks, but everyone quickly agreed on a deal after some negotiation.

However, the company could not succeed despite receiving backing and support from the sharks, and the reasons are not apparent.

The product and company received a financial investment of a quarter million USD but did not gain enough traction, leading to its termination.

Perhaps it was because the product was catered to such a niche audience that it failed, or maybe due to marketing failures.

Classroom Jams does not appear to be making a return any time soon, and everyone involved in the business has moved on.