Cheek’d from Shark Tank

Cheek’d shark tank

Lori Cheek came up with the idea of developing a dating service that works to combine human encounters with online dating. While most dating apps first connect you with a match online, and then you arrange to meet them on a date physically, Cheek’d works the opposite way.

Suppose you come across an attractive person on the train or at a restaurant, and you can leave them a Cheek’d card that has a URL code as well as a pickup line of your choice. If that person is single and likes you back, they can enter the URL mentioned on the card, and it will direct them to your profile. They can now choose to connect with you and take things further.

It’s an ingenious way of leaving a message for someone that you find intriguing without having to confront them or stressing about rejection. This can save you from the humiliation of rejection and approaching someone blindly.

Its slogan reads ‘Never miss a connection,’ which allows you to continue a conversation online with someone you felt you developed a connection with in person.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Lori Cheek was denied funding for her idea by all the judges. None of them liked the idea and felt that the business model was flawed. They didn’t believe that it would work.

Kevin O’Leary said that it was more like a hobby as it hadn’t made enough money since its launch. He then ended by telling a story about a boy whose father made him shoot his rabid dog and said to Lori that her deal was her dog.

Mark Cuban thought she was delusional, and he didn’t think this was going to work. He said he was out.

Robert Herjavec thought that it took away the anonymity and convenience of online dating and called it a flawed business model.

Lori Greiner agreed with Robert and said it wasn’t working out for her either.

Barbara Corcoran said Lori was the right entrepreneur but with the wrong business, and she stepped out of the deal as well.

Lori Cheek left the stage without a Shark deal, but this didn’t break Lori’s determination to prove them wrong, and she left them with the words, “Trust that you will see me again.”

What Happened to Cheek’d After Shark Tank?

After being denied funds on Shark Tank and told that her business model was flawed, Lori did not lose hope. She parted ways with the words ‘trust that you will see me again,’ and sure enough, within 72 hours of the airing of this episode, Lori hit 100000 hits on her website with over 50 inbox messages from interested investors. People told her that her idea was brilliant and the Sharks were crazy not to invest.

The Name Was Changed from Cheek’d To Cheekd

When Lori first began Cheek’d, it was in the form of a deck of black cards you had to purchase with a URL code on the back. Later Lori hired a Chief Technological Officer, and this service became an app and went online, and its name was changed to Cheekd. Like any other dating app, it requires you to fill in your details and make an account.

Now, every time you are in the vicinity of another user who you find attractive, the app will send you a notification. You can then connect with them by sending a card saying you’ve been Cheekd and a pickup line of your choice. The URL code on the card can direct you to the user’s profile, and you can decide whether you are interested in responding or not.

Infringement Claim

In September 2017, the company was sued for patent infringement by a man named Alfred Pirri, who claimed that this was his original idea that he had shared with his therapist, who then told Cheek about it.

The case was dismissed in April 2018, after which Pirri sued Cheek again in October 2019 on the grounds that she was calling him crazy on social media. This case was then dismissed in April 2021, and Pirri was ordered to pay Cheek’s attorney fees.

Is Cheek’d Still Active?

The app, now known as Cheekd, is available to download on the app store for iPhone users. It is still operational and makes an estimated $1 million a year.

Our Review of Cheek’d

Cheek’d has some interesting pickup lines that are quirky and snarky as well. It is a new and exciting spin on dating that has great potential.

Pros of Cheek’d

  • It runs on Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi to ensure that you never miss a connection
  • It helps break the ice between strangers
  • It is available on the Apple app store
  • It is free to use
  • You don’t run the risk of being humiliated and rejected in person
  • It can make a person feel intrigued and excited
  • You don’t have to confront the person and be told that they are married, or uninterested in you
  • It can connect with anyone who’s within 30 feet of your location
  • You can physically see the person rather than being deceived by photos
  • All features on the app are free

Cons of Cheek’d

  • Not suitable for those looking for a larger pool of choices
  • Not suitable for those looking for purely sexual encounters and casual relationships
  • Low activity of users

Who Is Cheek’d For?

Cheek’d is a dating service that is meant for anyone and everyone looking for a deep and serious relationship.

Are There Any Alternatives for Cheek’d?

Tinder is Cheekd’s biggest competitor today.

Our Final Thoughts

We think it is a unique take on online dating where the process is reversed. An idea that was well received by a huge audience after Shark Tank’s episode was aired. It allows you to view more photos of the profile you have Cheek’d, and it is free of cost.