Cerebral Success from Shark Tank

Cerebral Success shark tank

Cerebral Success was founded by Trevor Hiltbrand. The “brain pills” entrepreneur pitched his company on Shark Tank in 2014.

Cerebral Success was a company which manufactured natural supplements to help students stay focused and retain information by making their memory stronger. It was a popular supplement among students specially during exam seasons.

The supplement contains 20 ingredients with 12 important nootropic elements that have been proved to stimulate brain power and allow the consumer to stay focused and be a quick learner.

Trevor was a student of Brigham Young University, and he designed the product as a natural study aid. He felt the need to design such a product because another drug was being illegally consumed by students in a high amount, which was originally used for ADHD patients. The drug, Adderall, helped the students stay focused, and it was excessively consumed, just like a boost of caffeine.

Trevor decided to makea safe alternative which wasn’t addictive. He needed investment from the Sharks to help with the necessary production and distribution of his product.

The investment from Barbara proved to be a very profitable deal for Cerebral Success when she saw great potential in Hiltbrand as an entrepreneur. She offered him $75,000 for a 40% profits share. Soon after, Barbara used her connections to make the product available at more than 1000 stores across the USA, which was met by soaring popularity and a high net worth per annum. He registered his company on Amazon and began selling to a wider range of audiences.

However, later on, Trevor changed the name of Cerebral Success to Smart X, and also updated the sales strategies and packaging.  But for some reason, the company ceased production in 2019.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Trevor came to the Sharks and wanted a $75,000 investment for 20% of his profit from the business. He told them that he had the product, but no scientific claims behind it. He said that he has researched all of the individual ingredients, but the final product blend had no scientific proof of its effectiveness.

He claimed that one bottle costs him $10, and he sold it to his fellow students for $70 each. His product was very unique as it targeted young people and not older people.

Daymond chimed in and said he had no FDA approval, and so he wasn’t interested in making any investments.

Kevin asked Trevor what made his product unique, and then commented that he didn’t think the product would run for too long.Since he was mainly concerned with the profits and numbers, he was out as well.

Robert stated that he didn’t believe in the effectiveness of the product and that Trevor was selling the product to needy students even though it came with a warning label. He refused to make any investments.

Mark also suggested that Trevor should have invested the money for gaining scientific evidence for his product, rather than for mass production and distribution. He said that had Trevor come to them for money to get proper research for his product, he would definitely have made an investment.

Barbara was the last Shark left and made a deal with Trevor. She said that due to her personal experiences, she felt the need for such a supplement in the market since her husband and children needed supplements to help them stay focused.

However, she also stated that she would be held harmless if some negative effects of the product came up, to which Trevor agreed.

Barbara proposed $75,000 with a 40% share, even though all the other Sharks disagreed. Trevor was adamant about 37% share, but he needed the money, andtherefore accepted the offer.

Barbara said that she saw potential in Trevor and a little trust with make him a very successful entrepreneur.

After the deal, Cerebral Success acted upon the advice from Barbara that a specific amount should be paid to get insurance for the product and an independent study to prove the effects of using Cerebral Success supplements.

Our Review of Cerebral Success

It has a safe and effective formula which targets the brain cells to increase focus and productivity and reduce anxiety and stress. It contains some really effective nootropic agents that work to provide nourishment to the brain and it can also give an extra boost of energy throughout the day.

However, the product shows its effects after a couple of weeks, which can be contributed to a low dosage of ingredients than necessary.

The addition of caffeine also makes some people feel like it’s just a boost of caffeine, and nothing else. It also causes a crash afterwards, which is quite undesirable for a product that claims to work for brain efficiency.

Pros of Keyword

  • It is organic and made from 22 effective elements.
  • It is a safe brain supplementand not addictive like other drugs that students take

Cons of Keyword

  • No clinical trials for the product have been conducted.
  • More expensive than anti-anxiety pills
  • Causes a crash afterwards. Can result in loss of appetite and headaches

Who is Cerebral Success for?

Trevor designed the product from his dorm room to counter the increasing use of Adderall, which was a prescription drug. Adderall was used by students to aid in studying. Trevor made Cerebral Success, a natural brain supplement that is a safe alternative as compared to Adderall. The pill was a huge success among college and university students, as it helped them retain information and develop better mental agility.

Most brain supplements are targeted toward adult consumers, whereas Cerebral Success was made specifically for young college students.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Alpha Plus
  • Nuro Smart
  • Elivar
  • CustomVite

Our Final Thoughts

The product is a bit pricey and may have some negative effects like headaches and loss of appetite. The lack of scientific evidence as well as its ineffectiveness for some users makes it not worth the price it is being sold on. However it contains some of the safest nootropic agents and chemicals, so it is a safe alternative as compared to prescription drugs.