Bubbly Blaster from Shark Tank

Bubbly Blaster shark tank

The spirit of celebrations everywhere is champagne. But why drink it all the time when you can spray it too? Remember Champe’re from Emily in Paris?

The Bubbly Blaster is a full-of-entertainment-champagne spray that shoots champagne without hitting the glass or just about anything else.

The owner of Satsons & Brands, a business based in Los Angeles, California, started this venture in 2017, intending to have fun.

When Stanson and his pals were partying, they decided to open a champagne bottle and start sprinkling it around, but they quickly realized that it didn’t last very long. It gave Stanson the concept for the Blaster; soon enough, Bubbly Blaster came into being.

Bubbly Blaster had generated $560,000 in sales in less than a year by the time it appeared on Shark Tank.

The owners of Bubbly Blasters entered the Shark Tank with quite a blast. They handed over the champagne guns to all the Sharks while demonstrating how fun this party accessory can be for a celebration.

While the other Sharks considered many factors before investing in Bubbly Blaster since it is an innovative product in this industry, Stanson’s main target was Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. They’re big names in the sports industry and would definitely want a Bubbly Blaster to celebrate their wins.

To Stanson’s expectations, Mark extended his proposal. In exchange for the $120,000 investment, he claimed he would consider a 25% ownership.

The founder urged Alex and Mark to collaborate, but Mark revised his offer and requested a $120,000 sum in exchange for a 30% ownership.

With further negotiations, Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez closed the deal after the entrepreneur agreed on $180,000 in return for 30% of the business’s stocks, and the arrangement was consummated.

There were no transactions from Mark and Alex as of July 2022. Yet, the Bubbly Blaster received an outrageous response from the audience. But there was one problem. The product’s price was way too high to engage many customers unless you are a party animal.

The Bubbly Blasters did not revise the price but introduced another product in the line called “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack.”

Our Review of Bubble Blaster

It may be conveniently compared to an adult water pistol to understand further how the Bubbly Blaster functions. It is a gadget that fits inside the bottle like a corkscrew and lets you spray champagne directly from the bottle with a handle resembling a water pistol.

When the trigger is pressed, a combination of carbonation and gas pressure causes the bubbly champagne to explode out of the bottle. The Bubbly Blaster easily fits 375ml and 1,000ml champagne bottles, but it works best with full-sized 750ml bottles.

The Bubbly Blaster has a throttle trigger for controllable spraying up near or far away and is constructed of sturdy, high-quality aluminum and brass.

The Bubbly Blaster may create a flow up to 30 feet if the trigger is fully pressed, which is, however, dependent on temperature, how bubbling your champagne is, and how well it is shaken.

The finger grips on Bubbly Blaster are designed for easy one-handed use. It keeps champagne crisp and bubbly by serving as a bottle stopper and a cap.

You can find the Bubbly Blaster in stores like Walmart and online retailers like Amazon.

Alternatively, you may order the Bubbly Blaster straight from their web store (bubblyblaster.com). The bubbly blast will deliver right to your door, no matter where you are!

Pros of Bubbly Blaster

  • A fun party accessory to enjoy champagne.
  • It is sturdy and made of aluminum and brass.
  • Has a range of up to 30 meters.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Acts like a cork to keep your champagne fresh and bubbly.

Cons of Bubbly Blaster

  • It is quite an expensive product and might only target a limited audience.

Who Is Bubbly Blaster For?

Bubbly Blaster is a champagne spraying gadget designed for party animals. Your champagne becomes a party trick as you attach it to your bottle. The website claims that it can shoot up to 30 feet.

Ah, it also functions as a bottle cork, allowing you to enjoy some bubbly, sparkling champagne later. Bubbly Blaster is available in hot pink, rose gold, black, white, and gold.

If only sipping champagne is not fun enough for you, spray it on with Bubbly Blaster!

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Practice of spraying champagne is not new and dates back to the 1920s. However, Bubbly Blaster has upgraded the fun with its unique features and convenience. While Bubbly Blaster offers some incredible characteristics you wouldn’t want to miss; there are some alternative options on Amazon that you can consider at a relatively lower price:

  • LOTBH Champagne Sprayer Champagne Gun Shooter
  • The 3rd Generation Champagne Gun Shooter

Please note that these products may offer similar features but are not competitors of Bubbly Blaster.

Final Thought

The creator has a clear vision for developing his business and knows the steps necessary to advance his start-up.

He will make the most of the financing he receives from Shark Tank to expand the production capability.

In addition, he will make a lot of efforts to expand it internationally so that he may expand his company to a point where his rivals will be unable to compete with him.

His goal is to introduce this product to the food business so that it can amuse consumers as they consume champagne.

Shark Alex had not yet finished the transaction with this company as of July 2022.

The “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack,” a new product from Bubbly Blaster, allows users to enjoy parties while filming or taking selfies.

This business’s annual revenue may reach $1 million or more. The “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack,” a new product from Bubbly Blaster, allows users to enjoy parties while filming or taking selfies.

This business’s annual revenue may reach $1 million or more.

Bubbly Blaster has a solid social media fan base. They have around 22,000 Instagram followers, and more than 2,000 people follow them on Facebook. They were featured on Touch of Modern, ABC’s Right This Minute, and Thrillist.

In 2018, Bubbly Blaster began selling its product, and the feedback was overwhelming. Back then, the business had already started to sell out and is expected to enjoy immense success in the coming years.