Brass Roots Review from Shark Tank: A Snack Revolution Unveiled

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Brass Roots, a company specializing in healthy snacks made from Sacha Inchi seeds, garnered attention with its appearance on “Shark Tank.” The brand, founded by Aaron Gailmor, offers a range of products focusing on nutrition and sustainability, utilizing the seed often referred to as the “Incan peanut.” Conceived from the desire to create wholesome snacking options, Brass Roots taps into the superfood category with its unique offering.

The company’s pitch on “Shark Tank” was not merely about securing an investment but also about showcasing the potential of Sacha Inchi as a versatile ingredient. Despite facing the critical eyes of the show’s investors, Brass Roots highlighted its journey, emphasizing its commitment to ethical sourcing and community support. The episode provided exposure and an opportunity for viewers to assess the viability and appeal of these innovative snacks, which promise a combination of health benefits and taste.

Key Takeaways

  • Brass Roots leverages Sacha Inchi seeds to create nutritious snacks.
  • Participation in “Shark Tank” increased brand visibility and credibility.
  • The company underlines its commitment to ethical sourcing and nutritional value.

Origins and Mission

Brass Roots was born from a desire to create wholesome snacks while contributing positively to the community. The startup’s mission hinges on the balance of providing nutritious options and bolstering social initiatives.

Starting Brass Roots

Aaron Gailmor is the founder of Brass Roots, an innovative snack company based in New Orleans. He established the brand with a clear vision: to offer consumers healthy snack alternatives featuring the nutrient-rich Sacha Inchi seed. Recognizing the burgeoning demand for nutritious and satisfying snacks, Gailmor sourced this superfood known as the “Incan peanut” to form the cornerstone of Brass Roots’ product line.

A Social Impact Focus

Beyond delivering health-centric snacks, Gailmor set a trajectory for Brass Roots with a keen focus on social impact. He laid down roots in New Orleans not just to tap into the city’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit but to intertwine his business with impactful community work. Brass Roots collaborates with local organizations, including Roots of Music and Youth Run NOLA, to empower the city’s youth through education and engagement in healthy, active lifestyles. This commitment to social responsibility reflects a core aspect of Brass Roots’ ethos: that a business can and should uplift the surrounding community as it grows.

Product Overview

Brass Roots offers a unique line of snacks crafted from the Sacha Inchi seed, known for its nutritional value and distinct taste. These snacks cater to health-conscious consumers looking for a blend of flavor and health benefits.

Highlights of Sacha Inchi Snacks

The centerpiece of Brass Roots snacks is the Sacha Inchi seed, a superfood from Peru that’s gaining popularity for its robust nutritional profile. The snacks are made from roasted Sacha Inchi seeds, providing a satisfying crunch. They also produce Sacha Inchi butter, an alternative spread that combines the health properties of the seeds in a creamy texture suitable for diverse diets.

Nutritional Benefits

Brass Roots snacks stand out due to their impressive nutritional benefits. They are rich in both plant-based protein and fiber, making them a filling and energizing option. Each serving boasts ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, commonly associated with heart health, and a balance of healthy fats. These snacks are allergen-friendly, as Sacha Inchi seeds naturally don’t contain many common allergens found in nuts and soy.

Flavor Variety

Diversity in flavors ensures that there is a taste to suit every palate. Brass Roots offers a variety of flavors, from classic sea salt to more adventurous options. The snacks’ flavor profiles are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the natural nuttiness of the Sacha Inchi seeds while also catering to those looking for a healthy snack without compromising on taste.

Business Milestones

As Brass Roots navigates the snack industry landscape, the milestones reached, especially after their appearance on “Shark Tank,” tell a compelling story of growth and financial progress.

Shark Tank Appearance

Brass Roots made a memorable entrance on “Shark Tank” with founder Aaron Gailmor presenting the company to the potential investors, known as the Sharks. The company sought a $400,000 investment in exchange for 7% equity, signaling a valuation that Gailmor believed in firmly. Their segment not only introduced the Sharks but also the television audience to the nutritious offerings of Brass Roots, by pinpointing the health benefits of Sacha Inchi Seeds. Although specific outcomes of the negotiations are under wraps, the exposure from the show provided a significant boost to the brand’s recognition.

Financial Journey

Financially, Brass Roots has experienced a notable trajectory. Following the initial foundation, revenues started at $35,000 in 2019 and saw substantial year-over-year growth. By 2020, sales had increased to over $250,000, and then doubled in 2021 to approximately $500,000. The revenue continued its upward trend with an expectation to hit $1.5 million for the year 2022. The specifics regarding profit margins or net worth have not been disclosed, but it’s evident that Brass Roots is on an ascending path. Their ability to harness fundraising events and capitalize on the momentum from “Shark Tank” could prove pivotal in their challenge to secure further investments from titans of the industry like Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, or Mark Cuban.

Market Presence and Future Outlook

Brass Roots has made significant strides since its appearance on Shark Tank, with a growing market presence and an optimistic future outlook. They’ve established key retail partnerships and maintain a dynamic community and customer engagement strategy, showing promise for continued growth.

Retail Partnerships

Brass Roots has successfully broadened its retail distribution, securing shelf space with prominent health-focused retailers such as Whole Foods and Sprouts. These partnerships put their products in front of health-conscious consumers, expanding their market reach. Additionally, Wegman’s, a regional supermarket chain known for its quality products, has also featured Brass Roots snacks, allowing the brand to tap into a dedicated customer base that values nutritious options.

Community and Customer Engagement

Through proactive community involvement and engagement on social media, Brass Roots maintains a strong connection with its customers. The company collaborates with organizations like Covenant House to give back to the community. Such involvement demonstrates their commitment to societal impact. Moreover, with their social media campaigns and interactions, they’ve cultivated a loyal following that eagerly anticipates new releases and shares feedback on their favorite snacks. These digital platforms also become a prime avenue for the company to announce new orders and product launches, keeping their audience informed and engaged.