Bouquet Bar from Shark Tank

Bouquet Bar shark tank

A beautifully decorated bouquet is one of the best gift choices to date. Whether you want to express love, joy, sympathy, or an apology, nothing helps put your feelings across in a more elegant manner than a bouquet, as it symbolizes thoughtfulness and refinement. While traditional bouquets are considered thoughtful and beautiful, they have been around for quite some time and could use an upgrade.

Hoping to redefine the art of gifting, Sal Aziz, Alex Amidi, and David Yusuf founded a floral design company called the Bouquet Bar. The idea came to them when they realized that many customers sought a unique alternative to traditional gifts. The owners worked closely with floral experts to make a conventional bouquet more meaningful and memorable. Keep reading to learn more about Bouquet Bar.

Bouquet Bar was a high-end floral design company that allowed customers to send fancy gift boxes to their loved ones with the option of the box being with or without flowers. Bouquet Bar offers something for every occasion, from birthday gift boxes to gratitude boxes. The best part is that customers don’t have to settle for pre-pared gift boxes and have the option to customize the contents of the box. These boxes are exquisite and come with an arrangement of fresh flowers along with top-of-the-line gift items. Moreover, if you want to send a corporate gift, Bouquet Bar also has that covered.

Bouquet Bar quickly gained popularity among its clients, and it also managed to partner with big names such as Google, Four Seasons Hotel, First Republic Bank, and Facebook. Additionally, they have introduced a range of chocolates, nuts, and other beauty care products and thus quickly became one of the most demanded gifting platforms in the USA.

Hoping to grow their company further, the company’s founders made an appearance on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $150,000 for 10% of Bouquet Bar. They started the pitch by asking the Sharks if they find the gift-giving process difficult and confusing, to which Mark immediately admitted that he does!

One of the founders replied that the Bouquet Bar offers the ultimate gift-giving solution with unique gifts and flowers beautifully arranged in premium boxes, providing customers with an innovative and elegant method of gifting. They also explained how customers could choose between various top-designer products to add to their gift boxes. To give the Sharks a better idea of the gift box, they listed a few examples, such as scented candles,  nuts,  chocolates,  skin care products, and floral arrangements. They also stated that it is the perfect gift to send to your loved ones for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, etc.

The founders then handed out beautifully designed gift boxes to the Sharks for them to take a closer look. Almost immediately, the Sharks started complimenting the box and seemed very impressed.

Mark inquired how they mixed and matched different gift items, to which one of the founders replied that the customers are allowed to select a pre-set number of gift items to include in the box. The number of gift items in a box depends on the customer has chosen size. For example, a small box contains three gift items, a medium box contains six gift items, and a large box contains floral arrangements and two gift items. Thus, customers can mix and match gift items after selecting a box of their choice.

After a rather long round of questions and answers, Mark finally agreed to make an investment of $150,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of Bouquet Bar. He further added that this deal was non-negotiable. The founders decided to offer and finalized the deal.

The Shark Tank episode aired a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, resulting in an overwhelmingly large number of orders for Bouquet Bar. The company reported its sales to have increased by at least 15 times. Later, they also experienced a massive increase in sales for Mother’s Day. The owners also worked on improving their website and products.

Unfortunately, the company ceased to operate in December 2019, and so far, there has been no news of them returning to the market.

Our Review of Bouquet Bar

Bouquet Bar was a floral design company that revolutionized gift-giving art. We were impressed with what they offered in terms of quality, variety, and uniqueness.

The process of ordering the gift was pretty simple, starting with the customers choosing the box size, after which they have to choose between a wide selection of designer gifts and delightful treats to create the perfect luxury customized gift box. The best part is that you could have found a box for any occasion.

Bouquet Bar’s ready-made boxes include many thoughtful things, such as bath bombs, scented candles, cactus plants, and much more. These items are packed and sent to the receiver in top-quality designer boxes. Moreover, their corporate gifts allow businesses to leave a favorable impression on business partners and clients after an interaction.

The company has received many positive reviews, and both shoppers and gift receivers have been very pleased with the quality and packaging of their products. The price of the box depends on the size and what is in it.

Pros of Bouquet Bar

  • It offers personalized gift boxes.
  • The box contains several luxurious items along with a flower arrangement.
  • There is a box for almost any occasion.

Cons of Bouquet Bar

  • Some users have complained about late deliveries.

Who Is Bouquet Bar for?

Bouquet Bar was for anyone looking to send unique and meaningful gift boxes to their loved ones. These high-quality boxes contained a flower arrangement and designer gift items such as candles, chocolates, or beauty care products. Bouquet Bar had a gift box for almost any occasion, like birthdays, corporate gifting, etc. They also had a range of ready-made boxes for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Bouquet Bar has many alternatives that sell personalized luxury gift boxes. Some of the best alternatives include Belle & Bush, Happy Box Store, Box Fox, and Good Gift Delivered.

Our Final Thoughts

Bouquet Bar made the process of gift-giving hassle-free and fun, allowing customers to personalize the box’s contents by choosing between a wide range of designer items. These elegant gift boxes also contain beautifully arranged fresh flowers making the gift unique and meaningful.