Boogie Box Fitness from Shark Tank

boogie box fitness shark tank

What are your thoughts on a workout DVD? We are not talking about those 70’s videos that showed a woman in spandex stretching her legs while encouraging you to try the moves in a grating voice. Those were the days… not good ones!

As time went by, people started joining the gym or yoga classes. While they did the trick in keeping people active, they weren’t effective in giving them the results they were looking for.

Dede Barbanti-Parra was an ordinary woman going through a divorce. It was a tough time for her because not only was she lost in life, but she also had the responsibility of taking care of her young children.

Dede was overweight and not happy with the way she looked. Her expertise in choreographed dancing was her way out. Soon, she was able to shed the weight she had gained after marriage and decided to share her transformation with the world.

This was when Dede met Kathy Lamm through mutuals, and they became fast friends. After Kathy heard Dede’s idea, she shared her own perspective and told Dede they could videotape the workouts and sell them in DVDs.

And The Boogie Box Fitness was born with Dede and Kathy assuming the roles of CEO and COO, respectively. Since this was a venture that started at home, Dede and Kathy had no exposure and funding. They decided to gather producers who had worked on similar initiatives. For exposure, they held workshops for trainers and students.

The entrepreneurs knew that they would need to go big or go home. So, they decide to enter Shark Tank in search of investment.

Is the Company Still Active?

Out of Business

In January 2020, The Boogie Box Fitness’s social media accounts stopped posting. By July 2021, their website closed. Whether the company is out of business or not is still unknown. Since the workout DVDs are no longer available only anywhere, it’s safe to assume that The Boogie Box Fitness is no longer making any content.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Dede and Kathy appeared in Ep.7 on Shark Tank Season 1, looking for $700,000 for a 70% stake in their company. At the time, the company was valued at $1 million

Dede and Kathy gave an energy-packed performance on the stage. They were backed by satisfied clients who danced to the beat and impressed the Sharks. Kevin is the first to speak up, and he asks if the workout is as effective as the entrepreneurs say so. Upon hearing this, Dede and Kathy invite him on stage. When Kevin encourages Daymond to join, he says that he has the body of a Buddha.

When the show and tell is finished, the Sharks get down to business. Kevin asks the women what they want from them, and Dede and Kathy reply that they will use the investment to introduce their DVD line. Up till now, they had made $15,000 from their workouts. The money they will receive from the Sharks will go into the production of the videos.

Daymond says the risk of investing in such a business that does not meet the standard sales criteria is too much, and he backs out. Robert agrees with Daymond and backs out. Kevin says that if he invested in The Boogie Box Fitness, he would be committing “money murder.” He’s out.

Barbara says that she likes what they are offering, but their demand is too high, and by offering a 70% stake in the company, they are selling most of their rights. She backs out the last.

Our Review of Boogie Box Fitness

The Boogie Box Fitness is a product and a service. It started out as a studio that offered workout classes. Later, the owners made their first video and started selling it online. While the idea is great, what it lacks are any unique features.

You could say it’s another workout DVD, but instead of yoga and Zumba, it involves choreographed dance and martial arts. As a result, it’s a high-pace workout, which most people cannot follow from the comfort of their homes.


  • A unique workout that combines choreography, dance, and martial arts
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers appeared on Shark Tank to show the results of the workout
  • 1-hour entertaining workout with a focus on muscle toning and cardio


  • Homemade DVDs: People assume that the videos were shot for fun
  • High Impact: Most beginners are not able to keep up with the pace and difficult moves

Who is Boogie Box Fitness For?

The Boogie Box Fitness is for all those people who are looking for a fun way to lose weight and become healthy. The workout DVD targets both genders.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The market for workout DVDs is huge. There are plenty of competitors that could have given The Boogie Box Fitness a run for their money. Here are their top two competitors:

Zumba Fitness Equipment

The Zumba Equipment is an all-rounder. Besides offering a subscription box that includes workout DVDs, the company also provides workout clothes. They hold workout classes in-person and virtually, offer professionals the chance to become an instructor, and even arrange a Zumba cruise.

The Biggest Loser Club

You probably recognized this company from the hit TV show The Biggest Loser. This weight loss program offers exercise recommendations and diet charts. An integral part of their workout routine is strength training and cardio.

There’s a resort in Niagara that offers weight loss programs. It includes overnight resort accommodation, snacks, and meals prepared by chefs and offered 3-times a day, group fitness sessions, nutrition workshops involving healthy cooking demonstrations, and coaching on how to deal with emotional eating.

Our Final Thoughts

Boogie Box Fitness had no potential from the beginning. The brand didn’t have a USP, and it couldn’t come up with a way to balance its sales and profit. The Sharks were not happy with the valuation. Numbers didn’t lie, and the Sharks believed that even if they invested in the company, it would definitely fail in the future.