Bon Affair from Shark Tank

Bon Affair shark tank

Many people recognize Jayla Siciliano as the mastermind behind Bon Affair, who killed it on Shark Tank, ABC’s highly sought-after show. Jayla presented the idea of a lighter wine option in season 5 that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle. For any social drinker, this would be an incredible opportunity.

In her previous career, Jayla had to attend many parties and events where she would have to drink. She hated waking up groggy the next day due to all this alcohol intake. To evade this, she started to add soda water to her drink and noticed a stark difference in how she felt. This slight change enabled her to socialize for an extended time and feel fresh the very next day. She decided to make this a permanent solution to her drinking woes, leading to the inception of Bon Affair. Jayla quit her job and dedicated all her time to bringing Bon Affair to the market.

What is Bon Affair?

Bon Affair is a wine-spritzer that uses California wine, sparkling water, and electrolytes. The alcohol content is 6.5% and has no sugar. However, this does not interfere with the taste of the wine. It still tastes pretty great. Wine-spritzer comprises one-quarter of soda and three-quarters of white wine. The only thing different in a wine-spritzer is that it uses regular, sugar-based wine, but Bon Affair has wine that is not as sweet. That is what makes it so unique.

The founder of Bon Affair, Jayla, describes it as ‘the best sparkling water ever; instead of a substitute for a full-bodied wine.  It’s more of a replacement. Bon Affair comes in two different flavors, Sauvignon Blanc and Bubbly Syrah. Bon Affair’s selling point is that it uses California-grown grapes that have no added sugars at all, making it decidedly healthier than other options. After many taste tests, Jayla was able to perfect this wine that delivered the taste of wine without that horrible hangover.

Bon Affair is made for people who love to drink in hotter temperatures, in Jayla’s own words. This wine would also be ideal for corporate drinkers who have to attend parties and drink socially. Instead of feeling dehydrated the next day due to the high sugar content in wine, Bon Affair allows them to drink freely without feeling dazed for work the following morning.

Jayla entered Shark Tank seeking a $150,000 investment for 35% equity. She started by making a guess that most of the sharks are wine drinkers but also care about their health. She said she was just one of the 50 million Americans who felt torn between drinking and worrying about their health. She recalls how she used to go to parties in her previous job but felt drained the next day. Tired of this lifestyle, she came up with Bon Affair.

After explaining what Bon Affair is, Jayla proceeds to hand out samples of the drink to the sharks. Robert is the first to ask her about the number of calories in a glass of red wine Bon Affair.  The sharks are shocked to learn that the answer is a mere 65 calories only! Barbara asks about the purpose of electrolytes in the drink, and Mark ventures this question. He says that electrolytes hydrate the drinker, preventing the risk of a hangover, as tested by the Griffith University of Australia. Mark asks if Jayla has tested Bon Affair, and she says she has.

Mark asks the other sharks if they drink wine-spritzer because he doesn’t. Barbara is slightly concerned as she thinks men aren’t usually wine-spritzer drinkers. She also points out that Bon Affair is less sweet in taste compared to a regular spritzer. Robert chimes in by saying that men do enjoy wine-spritzer during summer, citing Rose wine and ice as an example.

When asked about the target market of Bon Affair, Jayla says it’s mostly working moms or regular moms who like to drink at least a few days a week. Mark heralds Bon Affair as a ‘skinny margarita alternative.’

Jayla reveals that Bon Affair is being sold to 10 California Whole Foods stores and is venturing into more.  In the past 6 weeks, Bon Affair has made $11,000 in sales. The sharks don’t look impressed with this lackluster sale, but Robert reasons that it is still a new product. Barbara is impressed with the elegant packaging and design. So far, Jayla has invested $35,000 from her own pocket and even managed to procure an investment of $450,000 from 2 private investors.

Kevin is concerned that Jayla has run out of money and tanked the investment she received. But she points out that from the initial investment, only 10% of the bottles made it to the market due to a leaking cap issue. Despite Jayla’s convincing and citing different examples, Daymond believes she would need a huge investment, so he is the first shark to back out. Robert is confused about how she managed to raise an investment of $70,000 for a company valued at $2.5 million, so he backs out as well.

Kevin believes, and Jayla confirms that the product is mainly targeted toward women. He believes it will require a lot of work, so he pulls out. Barbara does not want her money tied up in an untried product, so she declines too. Mark, the only shark left, asks Jayla what she needs. Exposure and contacts, she replies. Even though he doesn’t have experience in the wine business, Mark agrees to her original offer of $150,000 for a 35% stake in the company. Naturally, she agrees.

Long after the Shark Tank success, Bon Affair is still doing fairly well. The only limitation is that it can be shipped only to certain states, including California, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Those who have received the product have only positive things to say. Bon Affair now has a Bon Affair Wine Club, offering different perks to members. You can either apply for a gold or platinum club. In an interview, Jayla revealed she has plans to venture into more states and markets, but her prime objective is to maintain the quality and standard of the product.

Our Review of Bon Affair

Bon Affair lives up to its promise of delivering a healthier take on wine. It has immense scope, given how health and weight-conscious people are in today’s day and age. It is ideal for regular drinkers who want to have a good time without the pain of experiencing dehydration and a hangover.

Its high-quality wine and professional packaging do make a good impression, making it a viable product. It also offers good value for money. Even if many men don’t drink wine-spritzer s, the Bon Affair would still catch their eye, especially on a hot summer day or if they are looking to cut down the sugar content for a toned body.

Pros of Bon Affair

  • Low sugar content promotesa healthier body weight
  • Just 65 calories in one drink
  • Electrolytes for reduced risk of dehydration
  • Excellent value for money
  • Attractive packaging and design

Cons of Bon Affair

  • Only 2 flavors
  • Not as sweet in taste
  • Available in 6 U.S. states only

Who is Bon Affair for?

Bon Affair is ideal for all working men and women who love to drink at least a few times a week. It allows you to evade the high sugar content in wine, elongate your social meter and avoid the hangover and grogginess the next day. The taste of a wine spritzer appeals more to women, making it perfect for working or stay-at-home moms. But it can also be ideal for men looking to lose or maintain weight.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many wine spritzers, but without the low sugar content, they don’t promise dedication to health like Bon Affair does. SkinnyGirl is perhaps the best alternative, which provides an assortment of low-cal alcoholic beverages for your dinner parties and GTs. They have vodka with natural flavors as well as a low-calorie wine collection.

Our Final Thoughts

Given how health-conscious people have become, Bon Affair has considerable scope today. This Mark Cuban-backed company has done well for itself and launched into 6 U.S. states. It continues to maintain its quality, and the founder, Jayla, is hopeful about venturing into new retail stores across the country. Bon Affair allows you to enjoy pure California wine without worrying about your weight or a hangover. It’s a solid product!