Bleni Blends: Shark Tank Update – Making Waves Post-Show

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Bleni Blends made a memorable appearance on the popular entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank. Founders and brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro sought a $250,000 investment for 6% equity in their innovative smoothie vending machine business. Their unique concept, which provides patrons with fresh smoothies made from real fruits in just 60 seconds, caught the attention of the Sharks and viewers alike.

Thanks to their compelling pitch on Season 14, the Shapiro brothers managed to secure a deal with Sharks Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky, who invested $250,000 for 35% equity plus a $500,000 line of credit. This cash injection has propelled Bleni Blends forward, allowing the business to expand and tap into the ever-growing market of health-conscious consumers seeking convenient and delicious options.

Since their appearance on the show, Bleni Blends has experienced tremendous growth and is now valued at an estimated $1.3 million. They have effectively catered to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern society with their cashless, dairy-free smoothies available 24/7 through vending machine kiosks. The future seems bright for this innovative startup as they continue to make an impact in the world of health and convenience.

Bleni Blends on Shark Tank

Episode Appearance

Bleni Blends made their appearance on Shark Tank in Season 14 during Episode 18. Brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro showcased their smoothie vending machine, which prepares real fruit smoothies in just 60 seconds and operates cashless with a 24/7 hour capability.

Investor Interaction

The entrepreneurs pitched their idea to the panel of sharks, which included Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and Daniel Lubetzky. Highlighting the demand for healthier options in the vending machine market, the brothers explained how Bleni Blends stands out with their dairy-free smoothies that use oat milk in some recipes.

Investment Deal

Initially, the Shapiros asked for $250k for 6% equity in their company. The sharks showed interest in the idea, with Daniel Lubetzky offering them $250k for 30% equity and Lori Greiner presenting an offer of $250k for 35% equity. However, the brothers negotiated their way to reach an agreement with both Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky. The final deal included a $500k line of credit in addition to the $250k for 15% equity, making Shark Tank Season 14 a successful experience for the Bleni Blends team.

The Founding and Growth


Bleni Blends, a Philadelphia-based company in the United States, was founded by brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro. Both founders have entrepreneurial backgrounds and degrees in Business Administration from Weber State University. Stuart has a Bachelor of Science degree, while Peter carries experience in family law practice. Together, they created a unique and innovative unattended retail concept for providing real fruit smoothies and coffee frappes 24 hours a day.

Growth and Valuation

The company’s growth has been primarily driven by their focus on providing healthy and convenient options in a market saturated by standard vending machines filled with soda and chips. The result is their smoothie vending machine that offers a safe and automated solution for fresh smoothies in under 1 minute.

The smoothies are made from real fruits, and the machines are completely cashless, operating 24/7. Dairy-free options are available, with some smoothies using oat milk. This focus on a healthier alternative has led to increasing interest in Bleni Blends and supported their growth in the vending machine market.

Their appearance on Season 14, Episode 18 of ABC’s Shark Tank brought additional exposure to their innovative concept, with the Shapiro brothers seeking a $250,000 investment for 6% equity in the company. Although the exact deal details and impact on the company’s valuation and net worth are not clear from the sources, the show has provided a valuable platform for Bleni Blends to showcase their product and attract further investment and support.

The company’s growth seems to be on a consistent upward trajectory, thanks to the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit, their innovative smoothie vending machines, and increasing demand for healthier on-the-go options. As Bleni Blends continues to expand its presence across the United States, they are well-positioned to capitalize on the changing landscape of the vending machine market.

Product and Technology

Product Details

Bleni Blends is a company that offers a unique and innovative smoothie vending machine solution for the food and beverage industry. Their primary product is a 60-second smoothie machine that prepares healthy, dairy-free fruit smoothies using real fruits, oat milk, and natural ingredients. The smoothies are not only delicious and convenient but also cater to the growing demand for healthier and plant-based options.

The Bleni Blends smoothie vending machine offers a wide range of delicious flavors made with real fruits, ensuring a natural fruit taste. Customers can enjoy the convenience of a quick and tasty smoothie without compromising on health or taste.

Cutting-edge Vending Technology

The technology behind Bleni Blends is truly cutting-edge and is revolutionizing the vending machine industry. The smoothie vending machine features a self-serve kiosk with an interactive touchscreen ordering system, allowing users to select and customize their smoothie choices easily.

With the latest advancements in vending technology, the Bleni Blends smoothie machine guarantees a smooth, well-blended, and flavorful smoothie, ready to drink within 60 seconds. The vending machine can operate 24/7, providing customers with an automated solution for healthy and delicious robotic fruit smoothies at any time.

The Bleni Blends smoothie vending machine is not only innovative in its use of technology, but also in its commitment to sustainability and the environment. By using dairy-free oat milk options and real fruits, the company is able to cater to various dietary preferences while reducing its environmental impact.

Commercial Success

Revenue Pattern

Bleni Blends, a smoothie vending machine business, has experienced significant growth since their appearance on Shark Tank. After securing an investment of $250,000 for 6% equity from Lori Griener and Daniel Lubetzky, the company has been able to expand its operations, generating increased revenue. The vending machines, which are completely cashless and can operate 24/7, are particularly popular in locations like hospitals, airports, museums, and universities.

On average, each Bleni Blends machine generates around $8,000 per month in gross revenue. The company’s decision to focus on a healthier, dairy-free, and gluten-free alternative to traditional vending machines has proven successful, with the demand for their smoothies continuing to grow.

Expansion and Locations

In order to meet the growing demand for their product, Bleni Blends has formed partnerships with key organizations such as Compass Group USA, Unattended Solutions Inc, and Four Seasons Investments Company. These collaborations have allowed the company to expand its presence and deploy their smoothie kiosks in various high-traffic locations.

As mentioned earlier, popular venues for Bleni Blends machines include hospitals, airports, museums, and universities. These locations cater to a health-conscious demographic, and the company’s smoothie offerings are more appealing than traditional vending machine options.

As Bleni Blends continues to establish itself within the marketplace, it is critical that they maintain their focus on providing fresh, appealing, and healthy alternatives to consumers. By doing so, they can maintain their positive revenue pattern and expand into even more locations.

Future Plans

Bleni Blends, after scoring a deal with investors Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky on Shark Tank, has been focusing on growth and expansion. The company is working on introducing innovative ways to revolutionize the way people enjoy fresh fruit smoothies through their smoothie vending machines.

The company’s main goal is to meet the growing demand for healthy, dairy-free, and gluten-free smoothies in a convenient and efficient manner. As part of their expansion plan, Bleni Blends is working to partner with various institutions such as gyms, schools, and offices, where health-conscious consumers are looking for quick and nutritious drink options.

One such partnership being pursued is with Dan’s Fresh Market, a popular grocery store chain. By partnering with Dan’s Fresh Market, Bleni Blends will be able to reach a larger audience and tap into the fresh fruit and vegetable market. This will not only support their current product line but also pave the way for future innovative offerings.

The valuation of Bleni Blends is expected to rise as they continue with their expansion plans and collaborate with more establishments. Their user-friendly and cashless smoothie kiosks, operating 24/7, offer a unique solution to the health-oriented consumers, giving the company an edge in the market.

In summary, the future plans of Bleni Blends involve a strong focus on growth, expansion, and innovation as they continue to meet the demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers.


Bleni Blends, a smoothie vending machine business founded by brothers Stuart and Peter Shapiro, made a big impression on Shark Tank. The innovative concept caught the attention of investors Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky, who saw the potential in providing healthy, dairy-free smoothies to consumers in a convenient, cashless, and efficient way.

After their appearance on the show, Bleni Blends secured a deal that provided them with $250k for 30% equity, as well as a $500k line of credit. This brought their final valuation to $833,333, a promising number for an emerging business in the health-conscious world. Thanks to the support of their new investors, Bleni Blends has been able to continue expanding and meeting the growing demand for freshly-made, gluten-free smoothies.

As the world shifts toward healthier lifestyles, Bleni Blends stands out as a prime example of how innovative solutions can reshape the market. By capitalizing on the need for convenient health food options, Stuart and Peter Shapiro have successfully brought their vision to life and introduced a unique vending machine experience. With their Shark Tank success and ongoing growth, Bleni Blends is expected to become a leader in the healthy smoothie world, offering a delicious alternative to traditional soda and chip vending machines.