Beddley Duvet Cover from Shark Tank

Beddley Duvet Cover shark tank

Nothing is comparable to a warm, snuggly, fluffy duvet for you to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful sleep. But once you wake up, the cozy bed seems more like it was struck by a tornado, and it takes zero seconds for your peaceful and comfy sleep to turn into an unmanageable disaster.

The daily task of putting the blanket back in its duvet cover is aggravating, but Lola Ogden, a passionate businesswoman, decided to come up with a fix; and hence, came up with the Beddley DuvetĀ Cover.

What is the Beddley Duvet Cover?

Lola Ogden, who encourages first-generation women in establishing businesses, was clearly irritated by the daily task of maintaining her duvets. She began contemplating how she could make this task easier for herself and everyone else and created the Beddley Duvet Cover, which has three sides that are made to zip and unzip easily.

This simple design of the Beddley Duvet Cover makes it easier for individuals in a hurry to make their bed by unzipping the cover, inserting the duvet in neatly, and zipping it back up again. Even children can now take pleasure in quickly making their own beds.

Her company provided users with a service that served as an effortless substitute for mastering intricate duvet folding techniques like Burrito Roll and the California Roll.

In order to complete the task swiftly, Beddley Duvet Covers were made to open on three sides and have carefully positioned ties on every corner. Ogden created Sleep Easy and Zero Stress, two distinct products for the company. Each of these items comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is constructed from luxurious Egyptian cotton.

Ogden sells her duvets through her website but wants to expand her business further into retail stores and other outlets, for which she needs investment. She decides to impress one of the sharks and decides to appear on the show.

Beddley Duvet Cover on the Shark Tank

Lola enters the shark tank looking for a $150000 investment in return for 10% equity. She starts her pitch by explaining the purpose behind the duvets and how they can save time when in a hurry and stresses learning excellent duvet folding techniques with the help of the Beddley Duvet Cover. The Sharks, however, don’t seem taken aback by her creation and none of them offer her a deal.

Lola walks out of the tank without an investment.

Our Review of the Beddley Duvet Cover

Duvet covers are a crucial component of a modern bedroom, and it also protects the duvet from exposure to dust and bacteria. Since conventional duvet covers are pricey and difficult to manage, a more reasonable and easy-to-use duvet cover seems like an excellent solution for some people.

The Beddley Duvet Cover is made of high-quality materials, is comfy to use, and is reasonably priced. Placing your duvet is made simpler by 3-sided openings with concealed zippers, and removing the cover for washing is also made easy.

This duvet cover is ideal for people who live in warmer areas or have sweaty sleepers because of the soft, breathable pure cotton fabric.

The flagship duvet cover product offered by the company is the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover. It has concealed zippers and percale weave, along with 4 ties inside each corner. It is available in California King, king, full, and queen sizes. For those who love crisp, light bedding, the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is primarily madeĀ of a 300-thread count long-staple cotton.

Currently, the business offers one type of sham and a number of duvet cover alternatives. This selection is durable and can last longer than typical with proper maintenance, thanks to its cotton weave and percale fabric. The supple, ultralight material enables air to circulate, which may aid in regulating temperature and enhancing relaxation.

Because the material used to make Beddley Duvet Covers is so lightweight, it can easily be washed in any machine. These covers come in a variety of contemporary shades, like classic white, black, grey, peach, and purple.

You can safely say kudos to tossing down or bouncing about until the duvet’s entire perimeter is encased in its covers once you have a Beddley duvet cover in your bedroom. Although certain people prefer packing their duvets cleverly from the inside out, Beddley Duvet Cover’s technique still spares the extra effort and time.

Pros of the Beddley Duvet Covers

  • It is very reasonable as it is priced below the standard rates of duvet covers available in the market.
  • Its USP is the ease of use
  • It can be washed in any machine
  • It is available in different colors and embroidery patterns
  • It unzips on three sides
  • The nylon zippers are concealed
  • Features 4 additional knots make packaging the duvets easier.
  • Made from textiles that are breathable and moisture-resistant
  • Made with superior quality Egyptian cotton

Cons of the Beddley Duvet Covers

  • Considering the competition, the range is still pretty limited.
  • Some people may still not find the task of covering the duvet any easier or quicker.

Who is the Beddley Duvet Cover for?

Beddley Duvet Covers is targeted at all those individuals who struggle to make their beds or fold their duvet covers and are always running late. The best part about Beddley Duvet Covers is that even kids can easily learn to make their beds and fold their duvets themselves.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although there are a plethora of duvet covers in the marketplace, none of them have Beddley Duvet Covers’ distinctive 3-side zipper construction.

Only customers who like to fold their duvets traditionally might seek Beddley Duvet Cover alternatives. If you can move beyond the design’s convenience for storage, the Hotel Collection Duvet Cover Set from Beckham Luxury Linen or the Hotel Luxury Duvet Cover from HC Collection would be better options.

Our Final Thoughts

While Lola may not have won a deal with the sharks, the appearance on the show was enough to keep her business afloat. In fact, as of now, it is doing pretty well, making over a million dollars in annual sales revenue.

By presenting the ideal remedy for all of our problems, Beddley Duvet Covers have succeeded in revolutionizing the bedding industry as we previously knew it.