BagBowl from Shark Tank

bagbowl shark tank

BagBowl is a collaboration between the two brothers, Kevin and Brian. BagBowl is a product that collapses into a bowl with swift handwork. Their idea is innovative and practical. If you have to put something in the bag, you don’t have to carry a bowl as it is easy to use the same product just by converting it easily.

Kevin, who previously manufactured products for his job, created the first BagBowl. His idea was to carry your dogs’ food without taking a dish. He invented a two-in-one product.

Brian, in contrast, was working as a real estate broker. He also had a background in marketing.

BagBowl easily converts any plastic bag into a portable serving dish. BagBowl is a sustainable product that is an excellent option for different parties like tailgate parties and picnics.

Before Shark Tank, they had attended a large trade show, winning an award for their idea but failing to sell a product. They had also entered their product into Walmart’s Get On the Shelf Contest, but that did not succeed.

Brian and Kevin invested $40,000 out of their pockets in BagBowl and wanted to attain a license for the BagBowl for larger companies. Another problem the brothers were facing was the cost of manufacturing which was too high for them to handle, and they were looking for financial solutions for that.

They entered the Shark Tank season four, where they sought $40,000 for a 33% equity in their product.

The Sharks were not entirely convinced or impressed by the product. They were, however, amused by the presentation of the brothers. O’Leary clearly stated that he could not see  the specialty of the product. The utility patent on BagBowl was pending, which O’Leary thought Brian and Kevin would not receive.

The product in Cuban’s perspective was simple. O’Leary also believed that their product did not solve any problem for people or reduce cost, which is essential for a new product.

Robert, however, did see potential in the product. He offered Brian and Kevin $40,000 for 45%. Lori also believed in the product to sell and offered the brothers precisely what they asked for, which was $40,000 for 33%. After a discussion, the brothers concluded and took Lori’s offer, and their deal was closed.

BagBowl could not carry their productions for over two months after the episode aired. Because of this setback, BagBowl was not available for customers. It was not until December 2012 that the company made its product available in the market. Kevin and Brian were selling their products through Amazon.

They also introduced a new product and updated their previous BagBowl. Lori also helped BagBowl get advertised on the QVC website.

Seemingly the business was doing good until 2018 when the brothers sold BagBowl and returned to their previous careers. Add it to the list of Shark Tank failures.

Our Review of BagBowl

Rightfully, as Cuban pointed out, BagBowl was a simple product. At first sight, it is difficult to comprehend the purpose of the product. However, the sustainability of the product cannot be overlooked.

When you are not using BagBowl, it is incredibly simple to pack the product and store it. BagBowl can simply be collapsed into a flat surface.

BagBowl works great with any zipper bag, sandwich bag, or larger plastic bag.

BagBowls are made from a durable material that is lightweight and free of phthalate. BagBowls are also safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Customers can, without any trouble, pour any liquids into their ziplock bag with the help of BagBowl. It is handy for your on-the-go food demands.

Online people have praised the product for its simple idea and usefulness. Some customers have complimented the product for helping them pour their remaining spaghetti sauce into a ziplock bag and also being able to eat right out of the bowl. Customers also point out that they have had little to no spill-over, thanks to BagBowl.

BagBowl also did not take a lot of space, as the product was invented to bring convenience into the daily lives of people.

Pros of BagBowl

Although the product was simple, it did have some compelling pros.

  • BagBowl, because of its simple design, was easy to pack.
  • The product was also lightweight;customers could easily carry them anywhere, especially effective for parties and camping.
  • People could also use BagBowl to easily freeze leftover liquid items for future meals.
  • BagBowl effectively prevented any spillage of food and promoted less food wastage.
  • People could recycle and reuse BagBowl, which made the product eco-friendly.
  • The product came with a 1-year guarantee.
  • BagBowl was also not an expensive product.

Cons of BagBowl

The BagBowl, for the time it was available to purchase, there were not many problems people had with it. It was a straightforward product for everyday use.

  • A lot of people said it simply didn’t work.
  • The business also has shut down, so those who might be interested in availing the simple benefits of BagBowl cannot purchase the product.

Who Is BagBowl For?

BagBowl was a product for the everyday use of people. It was created for the general population.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The concept of BagBowl, although it is not alien, we have not been able to find any alternatives to BagBowl. Of course, there are different variations to the same idea, but BagBowl seemingly was  a unique product.

Final Thoughts

BagBowl did not impress the Sharks in the way some other products have. The product lacked any charm to it, and it was just an everyday use product. Despite that, it did recieve two offers from Lori and Robert. The business was functional for a few years before shutting down.

The reason why BagBowl did not grow as much as the brothers probably expected is unknown. But had the brothers stayed in business and tried to understand their product and market better, they possibly could have created something impactful.

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