Alaska Glacial Mud Co. from Shark Tank

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. shark tank

Alaska Glacial was founded by Lauren Padawer in 2006. The idea for this skincare essentials company began when she went on a trip along the Cooper River, South Carolina. She had a beautiful experience there when she dipped her feet in the glistening pool of water left by the warm summer, and her feet were met by the soft and silky mud settled down in the turbid water. The sensation reminded her of being in a spa, where she was surrounded by the most beautiful environment. She lathered her face and body with the mud which gave her very soft skin afterwards.

Thus began her journey of discovering the power of natural minerals and plants in the nourishment and detoxification of the skin.

After some time, she created this company and introduced a range of mud masks and soaps. As she realized she needed some more innovative products in her range of skincare essentials, she reached out to several chemists to help her create products with high amounts of these botanical minerals.

Lauren shared her development goals with an Alaskan chemist, Charlie Kim, and in 2020, they both collaborated to introduce a new range of Glacier Collection, including different toners, serums, and creams containing botanical minerals and rich with Alaska glacier water.

The products are designed specifically to heal damaged skin and protect skin from dryness and impurities by giving a deeply cleansing effect.

The Alaska Glacier Clay and Alaska Glacial water are important ingredients in their products. They manufacture and sell different skincare products like Facial masks, moisturizers and serums, soaps and body care products, cleansers and toners, etc.

The company rebranded to Alaskan Glacial Essentials in 2020, and as of 2022, Lauren has a net revenue of $5 million per year.

The company still pays respect to the very place where it was born, and 10% of the net profits go to the different organizations that care for and protect the Cooper River.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Lauren Padawer pitched her business on Shark Tank in 2014.

She hoped that with her products, she can introduce the rich mineral world of Alaska to the world, and supply her products all over the world with the help of the Shark’s investment. She said that she doesn’t know any other products that have Alaskan mud in them. She also guaranteed that there is no impurities in the mud she extracts for her facial and gave Kevin a glacial facial, which involved putting glacial mud on his face.

She was seeking for an investment of $100,000 with a 20% equity. She proposed that the ingredients used in her glacier mud make it an effective product for spas.

She gave out her products and Lori, who is a beauty products specialist herself, asked her how long it takes for the facial to make its effect. Lauren told them that it takes 15 minutes for the mask to work, and also specified that the mud contains micro-fine clay particles that detoxify skin and heal damaged skin cells.

Robert inquired how much the Alaska Glacial Mud Company makes from its sales, and Lauren responded that the company made $36,000 that year so far.

Lori inquired whether she intended to make her sales throughout spas, and gave her advice that it is difficult to get into the spa business because there are very few products that spas recommend and reorder. There is a lot of competition in that area and that is why Lori was the first one to back out of the deal.

Mark Cuban suggested that she needed a solid ground to base her company on and connect it with something that will motivate people to buy her products. He said that she shouldn’t market her products as Alaskan and instead change its name to “Cooper River Mud Company.”

Barbara told her that Lauren needed to make a decision whether she wanted to stay in the spa business or go retail, and admitted that the company still has a long way to go. She was out as well.

Kevin said that gaining $36,000 a year from a company just makes it a hobby, and not a very profitable business and that everyone can go and dig out mud from Cooper River and sell it in their products. Hence he didn’t make an investment either.

Our Review of Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

The mud masks and soap bars from Alaska Glacial Mud Co. claim to be all-natural and contain extracts of organic minerals and are paraben-free.

The masks can be applied to the skin using fingers or a mask brush as they have a smooth consistency and applies evenly. They cleanse the skin as well as exfoliate it. They can be washed away easily by warm water, which is quite opposite of the peeling masks that leave skin dry and flaky.

Pros of Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

  • The products are all-natural and free from harmful chemicals and impurities.
  • The masks have a cooling effect and deeply cleanse pores.
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin or make it itch.
  • Comes in a cheap travel-sized packaging as well that allows easy testing of the mud masks.

Cons of Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

  • The packaging is a bit small and doesn’t have a lot of product in it, but since the facial requires a very thin layer of the mask, a little product will go a long way.

Who is Alaska Glacial Mud Co. for?

The products target consumers who do not like to fuss over complex skincare regimes and want simple and safe products to use on their faces and bodies. There are different products for normal or sensitive skins and anti-aging products that provide hydration to the skin. The facial masks can be used 1-2 times weekly which work for a simple and effective routine.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • BeautyMNL
  • Imbalie Beauty
  • Forest Essentials

Our Final Thoughts:

The Alaska Glacial Mud Company offers a wide variety of natural products that are very suitable for dry or sensitive skins. They contain a high amount of minerals that don’t irritate the skin. They are free from artificial fragrances and inorganic chemicals and leave the skin feeling extremely soft and clean.